Acorns Serb Style

Not long ago, I was in the field working on cherries. The nature loving tree hugger that I am was thrilled to find a new (to me) kind of acorn.

Check these out. I love the fuzzy hats! They are so fun!

Instantly, I was reminded of the big furry hats traditional Serbian kolo dancers wear in one of the dances I saw. I love the traditional costumes. They are gorgeous.

Life does imitate nature.

I love Serbia.


Munchkin Monday

A walk in a Fairy Tale Village

Last week we went for a walk in Vasilj, a little village not far from town. The initial reason to meet an expat like myself lives there. That didn’t happen, but the village was so quaint that I was thrilled we had come.

The Munchkin was thrilled to make the acquaints of some house cats and two adorable miniature Doberman Pinschers that played in an ancient school playground.

The old school playground and building looked mostly neglected.


The Schoolhouse gate

School house windows with paper snowflake cut outs

We were accompanied on the village trip by a friend of the Muz who’s father was from the village. It was lovely to have him as a tour guide.

SONY DSCNot only did he love on Millie, but he picked us some early spring flowers. The lovely white Visi Baba or Snow Drops as they are called in the English speaking world. I have seen those same flowers on each of the visits here in Serbia, but this time I discovered they are hiding the most beautiful upside down green heart that rests in the shade of the white petals.

The village was filled with gorgeous old homes. Sadly, it was an overcast day, so the pictures aren’t as glowing as they could be. Next time I will go on a sunny day when there are leaves on the trees. That day is not long off. Already, blues skies are more prevalent than they have been in months!! Yippee!

One last pic to make this a Munckin Monday post.

The little one enjoying a well deserved drink after a long day.

The Baba’s 365-44

I thought I had posted this a few days ago, lo and behold, today I saw that it was still a draft. Oops.

I love the Baba’s dressed in the required uniform of the Balkans and beyond. Since I have come, I have been enchanted with the look that is everywhere. The kerchief on to followed by layers of sweaters in dark mostly blackish colors.

A real Baba relation. Isn’t she cute? She insisted on cutting some flowers and sending them home with us.

The matching black skirt is topped with an apron of sorts. I love the aprons! They are a dying breed. Almost extinct, I like to collect them and imagine I am saving this endangered species.

A lady on her way to the market.

Black stockings called hulahop are the staple, never pants. Sometimes they are topped with some classic handwoven wool socks.

out for a stroll, always in uniform.

The standard black shoes called opansi are black rubber, not super comfy. The soles are so soft that you can feel all the rocks and imperfections in the ground.

I caught this on off guard. Well, actually all of them. I sneakily use the iphone and pretend to be calling someone. They will never let me take a pic when I ask politely. 😦

The Baba uniform is good for all types of work. Farming, chopping wood, cooking, baby care, etc.

Babas tending sheep

I have a pretty cool baby here. Check her out!

She is wearing the muz’s sunglasses.

This is as close to a Baba uniform as I get. I love wearing the scarf over my head instead of a hat. so comfy

Dobar dan

Kodak Moment 365-30



I took a short walk. Only because it started to rain.


I had the good camera! Yippee. here are the spoils.


Kodak Moment

Kodak Moment




the Museum, with the Mine owners statue and the Cross from the church over looking it all

the Museum, with the mine owners statue atop and the cross from the church over looking it all


cool and old

cool and old


The old water tower next to the train station.

The old water tower next to the train station.


tree house

tree house

Remember to enjoy the view where ever you are. there is beauty in everything.

Dobar dan

(Good Day)


Opa Serbian Style

First of all, I know what you are thinking… Opa is something Greeks say. Well, you are right, but they also say it here. It’s a normal expression. I’ve taken it up myself. Serbs also do that circle dancing with both arms up in the air like you see in My Big fat Greek Wedding. Greece and Serbia, Pretty  similar in my opinion. Well, minus the beautiful blue-green  water.

Second. You might be thinking,,, Serbian Style?? What the French toast? Or you are Serbian, and your wondering where this is going. I got you.

This is my top 20 list of knowing you are living Serbian Style.

Here we go!

20. There is a red egg somewhere in your house. (Left over from Easter, ON purpose.)


19. Vegeta is on your spice rack.

18. You know about village life.Image

17. You or someone you know still drives a Yugo or a car made by Zastava. (That is the company that became Yugo.)Image

16. Cervena, Plava, Bela, is the correct order of the colors.

15. You know what a Kinder Egg is.

14. You have a chair or couch  or both, that can convert into a bed.

13. You go to the store once a day to get bread. Really good fresh bread. Not sliced! and you put it in a bread box.


12. The lightswitch for the bathroom (as well as the water heater) is just outside the door.

11. You have atleast 3 bottles of Rakija in your home.


10. You have Slava celebrating remnants somewhere in your home.


They are left over from this:


9. You have a huge space waster in your living room doubling as a china cabinet, closet, entertainment center, bookshelf, bar, etc…


8.Your salt and pepper shaker might actually be a salt and salt dispenser, because pepper is expensive or maybe that is must my family?. Also pictured are the typical European electric outlet and silverware drainer.


7. Dryer, What dryer.


6. Your washers directions are not in English.



5. Your smallest drinking glasses are like little shot glasses, but they are for Rakija!


4. Pictures around your home are actually needlepoint art your mom made and framed and/or a picture of the Serbian Royal family. Some may think they look pixelated.


3. There is a Serbian flag somewhere in your home and possibly a picture of the Serbian Royal family. See pic with Rakija above.

2. Your shoes are close to the front door. and you are wearing slippers (papuče).


1. There is a picture of Sv.Nikola or some other Saint in your home, somewhere.

ImageFeel free to let me know if I have missed anything vital by leaving a comment!