Srecan Uskros~ Happy Easter

I hope y’all have had an awesome Easter like we have.

It started out with Munchkin’s first Easter hunt. I just set Eggs around the house and told her to look for them. The first thing she went for was in the toy box. It was our NFL American football. She calls it jaja or egg. Who can blame her. It is almost the same shape!

Then when she saw the real eggs, she went to town. She was so excited! I forgot how much fun Easter egg hunts were. Next year I must spread the fun around and make it a family and friends event!

We were off to the village right after. It was a gorgeous day to be in the village. This was the first day in 4 days it hadn’t rained. The green  leave and grass were vibrant! The flowers hues were electric.

After some time with the family, a walk was in order. Our plan was to walk up to the Village cross.

Obviously, we eventually made it.

But we made several wonderful stops along the way. The first was to see Baba Ljubinka and her clan. That is always great. We chatted a bit and I got to take a pic of their eggs. They have such a different tradition for eggs here. It will never lose its coolness factor with me.

We rambled up the hill slowly. Every few feet I would have to pick up the Munchkin and carry her. Then she would walk again for a short while. We stumbled upon some grazing sheep, and chatted with the shepherdess.

We made it to the cross and the pavilion was empty.  The cross was beautifully adorned.

When we got home, Munchkin and I had some barn loft play time. She loves jumping around the barn, but is clearly unimpressed with the “selfie” concept.

Upstairs for a diaper change, playing loudly in the bedroom, and all of a sudden the Munchkin says, “deda spava.” Sure enough. I look around the corner and there he is sleeping of domestic wine. Natural Serbian Easter celebrating tradition.

Soon we were all around the table having the most wonderful food. Some of it was even extraordinarily beautiful.

Happy Easter Monday to you all!



Elementary School Easter Fair

Srecan Uskrs or Happy Easter Cards

I love kid made cards. They have so much more feeling and character.


This year Orthodox Easter and Protestant Easter are on the same Sunday.

There were a bunch of fun Easter goodies crafted by the children. Lots of sweet treats being sold, and some really cool art!

The atrium in the center of the school was pumping with techno beats. Body heat and radiators filled the room to excess. Children’s cheeks were flushed. The place was a mad house. Pack to the gills! I hope they did well!

I think this was my favorite craft of all… maybe tied with this one below.

What great imaginations, Thinking outside the box to create unique art! Brilliant!

Things you don’t have in the US

There a MANY things I wish we had here in Serbia. But there are so many things here in Serbia you will not find in the US. I am happy for the differences. It keeps life interesting, and sometimes challenging. 

I was just at the grocery store the other day and saw the Kinder Eggs. It is really too bad we don’t have them in the U.S. they have been banned by a litigious society. Kinder Eggs are chocolate eggs that are hollow. Inside there are little toys. The muz said they are the coolest thing to get as a child. I can believe it. Chocolate candy and a toy, awesome!


The beer here is also different. As you may expect it is stronger thank your average American beer. It is also served in larger containers than you will find in the US at a much cheaper price.


The two liter bottle above is less than 3 dollars. In my opinion it is the best beer in the world. YUM!

I just saw this today when shopping at the Kinjesky  or Chinese store…


These rolling pins are labeled “movable sticks” . I wish there was another westerner there to see this. It would be nice to have a good laugh with someone over mobile sticks!

Here’s to all your sticks being movable!