The Baba’s 365-44

I thought I had posted this a few days ago, lo and behold, today I saw that it was still a draft. Oops.

I love the Baba’s dressed in the required uniform of the Balkans and beyond. Since I have come, I have been enchanted with the look that is everywhere. The kerchief on to followed by layers of sweaters in dark mostly blackish colors.

A real Baba relation. Isn’t she cute? She insisted on cutting some flowers and sending them home with us.

The matching black skirt is topped with an apron of sorts. I love the aprons! They are a dying breed. Almost extinct, I like to collect them and imagine I am saving this endangered species.

A lady on her way to the market.

Black stockings called hulahop are the staple, never pants. Sometimes they are topped with some classic handwoven wool socks.

out for a stroll, always in uniform.

The standard black shoes called opansi are black rubber, not super comfy. The soles are so soft that you can feel all the rocks and imperfections in the ground.

I caught this on off guard. Well, actually all of them. I sneakily use the iphone and pretend to be calling someone. They will never let me take a pic when I ask politely. 😦

The Baba uniform is good for all types of work. Farming, chopping wood, cooking, baby care, etc.

Babas tending sheep

I have a pretty cool baby here. Check her out!

She is wearing the muz’s sunglasses.

This is as close to a Baba uniform as I get. I love wearing the scarf over my head instead of a hat. so comfy

Dobar dan


5 thoughts on “The Baba’s 365-44

  1. Lovely post, many people wouldn’t notice things like that. I love those aprons. French grannies wear them too, they call them “blouses”. They’re all scratchy and made of polyester with poppers or buttons down the front. With a pair of wellies and a scarf on their heads lined up on benches, the Mamies look like a dangerous squad of mafiosi 🙂

  2. lovely post! I must use the “mobile phone” trick….. rather than taking out my camera!! and look how trendy the top baba is, she wears CROCKS!!! dobardan!

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