Knjazevac Charming Beauty

My town is exceptional in its beauty. So much so, that it won an award this year. It will be will be listed in the network of “European Destinations of Excellence” Here are the pics to prove it!

Above is the Main Street bridge.


The view of a locals enjoying drinks at Casa Dolce cafe and beyond to St. Georges Church in the distance.

And below a boy casts his fishing line into the Timok River.

Then there is the iconic opposite side of the Timok. Post card material.

One of my town favorites is the old arch rimmed pavilion. A brilliant place to sit and watch the world go by.

The town is filled with beauty everywhere, sometimes it sneaks up on me.

cool and old

cool and old

See, even the ruins are lovely! And if you look up above the door, you will see it used to be an arched doorway.

Bright colors, painstaking iron work and carved wood doors create the kind of eye candy that decorates the town.

This is my town, and it is stunning no matter what the season.

Even the people are gorgeous and their traditional costumes are fantastic, not to mention the dancing! Anyone for the Kolo? OPA!
Yellow scarves ans red socksIf you are thinking of making the trip to visit us contact one of these agencies, They have English speakers who can help you.

Come visit!  We can chat over coffee, or even better,  Rakija!


Dobar Dan Y’all!




Drive by shooting (Fast Photography)

This week has been a whirlwind of farm work, a trip to a neighboring village and coming home to catch up online before going to bed. Yesterday I was so tired I slept through the first alarm. That NEVER happens. So I know the work is kicking my butt. That is good!

I am much happier when I am working, and working outdoors is so healthy for you body and soul. It is kind of rejuvenating after too many months cooped up!

In honor of this being the LORD’s Day, I am sharing some raw poorly taken pics of a church.

The side view mirror, proof of the “drive by”

I would love to go and check out this relatively new church in Balenovac, but every time we pass it we are on our way to another village for important (but not that important) business. This time it was picking up sour cherry seedlings. Side note… Balenovac means bales of money. This town is for the ballers!

Whizzing past the many fields in route to Baba’s house we see loads of village folk out planting, throwing fertilizer and such.  The fields are filled with reddened faces and necks as the last week has been absolutely gorgeous.

We planted another 200+ sour cherry flavored sticks with roots in the past few days. No wonder we are so tired! Flies have plagued us and bit up my muz pretty bad. Papa and I kept on the long sleeves and have avoided the brunt of the ravenous little piranha like flies. Later at night, as I was closing my eyes to sleep, I saw the bothersome pest  up in my face as I drifted off to sleep.

Still, I can’t complain. The fresh air and gorgeous view is better than any office job.

This is certainly not an office approved activity.

If I had a normal 9-5, the possibility of seeing a flock of ducks fly over a large pool of water is pretty slim.

Other things not on the agenda of a “day job”:

Watching  butterflies flitting around the face of our dog buck as he runs to catch up with the tractor after exploring something nose first.

Walking on a dirt road.

Learning how not to plow a field. Apparently, some people think it is o.k. to plow into the dirt road to expand their fields… Bad idea! lol P.S. it wasn’t me.

Getting a history lesson on location is out of the question for a normal J.O.B. I get these sometimes when I sit on the back of the tractor with Papa. Just after we past the pool of water above there is an old abandoned brick shack. When I asked what it was and got an interesting lesson. It was an old WWI magazine. This was the site of a hidden stock of ammunition! He continued to tell me about how many men from each village left to fight. And then about the progression of communism. Even with the language barrier being like a barbed wire fence. Lot of data gets through. 😉

All in all, working on the farm and taking pics along the way seems like a nice way to live. At least for now. 😉

Dobar dan!

Mama’s Home!! 365-36

The old and new ambulances

The old and new ambulances

Mama has come home! She has been in the hospital for two weeks+ after stomach surgery. I am glad she has come home.

The door to her wing of the hospital. You can tell it has seen better days.

The door to her wing of the hospital. You can tell it has seen better days.

You can see on the picture above there is no smoking, but many people go just outside the exit door to smoke leaving the door propped. The entire hall still smells of smoke and pollutes the rooms.

The door is like all the others in the hospital. The handle is about to fall off and has been fixed numerous times. One must be careful when opening and closing the doors.

The private room for doctors to have a rest and a bit to eat.

The private room for doctors to have a rest and a bit to eat.

The doctors sink and coffee making shelf. Always gotta have a shelf like this in Serbia. Seriously

The doctors sink and coffee-making shelf. Always gotta have a shelf like this in Serbia. Seriously

Mama will stay with us for a while. The stan (apt) is better thank going back to the village for recuperating  The bathroom and bedroom is all on one floor and the heating is regulated. She won’t get cold here and need to get up and put wood in the stove. AND Millie will get some quality Baba time!!

I took these photos with the good camera on one of my many visits over the last two weeks. Both Mama and Great Grandpa have been there for the last week. I have been meaning to post these pics.


In celebration of Mama’s homecoming, I made American pancakes with a new recipe I found online. I m excite how they turned out. They are like my grandma’s!! Oh Joy!! Everyone else liked them too. I made some plain and the  bit I added cinnamon and fresh diced apples.

an ancient gurney still in regular use

an ancient gurney still in regular use

Grandpa is still in the hospital recovering from a heart attack. He is doing well, I think. He is his usual Oscar the grouch self. Visiting him is much more a chore. I loved going to see Mama. She is much more of an Elmo type personality. Sweet and loving.

Hopefully he will go home soon. Home is always best!