Opa Serbian Style

First of all, I know what you are thinking… Opa is something Greeks say. Well, you are right, but they also say it here. It’s a normal expression. I’ve taken it up myself. Serbs also do that circle dancing with both arms up in the air like you see in My Big fat Greek Wedding. Greece and Serbia, Pretty  similar in my opinion. Well, minus the beautiful blue-green  water.

Second. You might be thinking,,, Serbian Style?? What the French toast? Or you are Serbian, and your wondering where this is going. I got you.

This is my top 20 list of knowing you are living Serbian Style.

Here we go!

20. There is a red egg somewhere in your house. (Left over from Easter, ON purpose.)


19. Vegeta is on your spice rack.

18. You know about village life.Image

17. You or someone you know still drives a Yugo or a car made by Zastava. (That is the company that became Yugo.)Image

16. Cervena, Plava, Bela, is the correct order of the colors.

15. You know what a Kinder Egg is.

14. You have a chair or couch  or both, that can convert into a bed.

13. You go to the store once a day to get bread. Really good fresh bread. Not sliced! and you put it in a bread box.


12. The lightswitch for the bathroom (as well as the water heater) is just outside the door.

11. You have atleast 3 bottles of Rakija in your home.


10. You have Slava celebrating remnants somewhere in your home.


They are left over from this:


9. You have a huge space waster in your living room doubling as a china cabinet, closet, entertainment center, bookshelf, bar, etc…


8.Your salt and pepper shaker might actually be a salt and salt dispenser, because pepper is expensive or maybe that is must my family?. Also pictured are the typical European electric outlet and silverware drainer.


7. Dryer, What dryer.


6. Your washers directions are not in English.



5. Your smallest drinking glasses are like little shot glasses, but they are for Rakija!


4. Pictures around your home are actually needlepoint art your mom made and framed and/or a picture of the Serbian Royal family. Some may think they look pixelated.


3. There is a Serbian flag somewhere in your home and possibly a picture of the Serbian Royal family. See pic with Rakija above.

2. Your shoes are close to the front door. and you are wearing slippers (papuče).


1. There is a picture of Sv.Nikola or some other Saint in your home, somewhere.

ImageFeel free to let me know if I have missed anything vital by leaving a comment!


9 thoughts on “Opa Serbian Style

  1. HAHAHA! So So So true!! No pictures of the Royal Family here. Not big fans of them here actually. But everything else, got it! Sv Nikola for us, too!!! The red egg is in the wall nook with all sorts of other religious items, but not our patron saint.. he’s on the according wall that faces East as he should be. The wall nook faces West.

    Can I please do something similar on my own blog? I’ll totally give credit to you for being my inspiration.

    Glad to have you back on this side of the world.


  2. Unlike Kiki I am totally not happy to have you on that side of the world. I know you’ve heard this before yet you’ll probably hear it a few more times till I get it all out of my system. -:)
    Awesome article! So true on every point. Though I still keep some of those Serbian traditions in my own home….papuce, Ester egg, Sv. Nikkola of course…I need some rakia too….Good job lady.

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  6. Pepper is expensive? I don’t get this one. And not every home has a picture of the Serbian Royal Family, only the Monarchists have them. Other than that, pretty good observations.

    • Pepper is expensive probably because my mother in law is a spend thrift and it isn’t commonly used in our house? Also, I haven’t seen it on tables when I have gone to slavas. Maybe it is regional? I don’t know?

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