Happy Valentine’s Day or Srecan Trifun

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here is it is Sveti (Saint) Trifun’s day. He is the saint of wine. I think these two holidays go well together. Somewhere, an Ompah band is belting out in celebration.

This year I doubt we will do much to celebrate but a few years back here in Serbia we had a nice night out. The food was spectacular and the wine made into  a drink called bambus was wonderful.

Bambus is a half and half mixture of Coke and Red Wine.

I had to share a picture of the wine I had with my meal. Medveda Krv or blood of the bear is the name of the wine. It was very nice. I mixed it with Coke, half and half. This is called Bambus. Don’t knock it til you try it.

Kod Sasha’s was the name of the little place we ate. Literally translated, it means “at Sasha’s”. The owner waited on us, and the food was exquisite. We had salad, two main courses, wine, beer and coffee. All this cost the same as two Combo meals at McDonald’s back home. There was home-made bread and cheeses and even home-made horseradish. Oh my, I was stuffed as a turkey on Thanksgiving.

If you are ever in Knjazevac this is the place to go! Sasha’s has won several awards for its food. The decor of the place is antique Serbian. The service was great and the food was nothing less than amazing. Before we left, the owner said he had a dish made of cows tail. Sounds really interesting and I am anxious to give it a try next time.

*** Happy Anniversay Danica and Atsa!!


4 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day or Srecan Trifun

  1. Thanks for writing on the culture differences from the US. I am visiting Belgrade in two weeks to meet a long time penpal woman artist. Your articles help lessen the ‘culture shock’ for me.

    Hey, you have considered pulling some of this out into ‘book’ form? Haha, maybe ‘Serbian Culture for American Dummies’, like the black and yellow book series?

    Regards, Eric

    • WOW! what a compliment! I have thought of writing a book after a few comments, but haven’t done any research on interested publishers. Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, I would love to help. But over all I think you will have an awesome time. People here are sooo hospitable. Hope you have an awesome time!

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