The Day After the Verdict: Is This a Joke?

This has been on my mind so much in the last few days. Something does need to change. But I fear it won’t. Too much money and power is involved on the other side. And the “white is right” mentality is far to strong of an undercurrent.

my name is elizabeth

Like many others, I have been asking this question for months.

First, back in August, when news outlets reported that Bob McCulloch, the prosecutor for St. Louis County, had a long history of siding with the police; that his father, a St. Louis cop, was killed on the job by a black man; that his brother, uncle, and cousin were cops as well; that his mother had worked as a clerk in police headquarters; that he himself had wanted to be a cop until one of his legs was amputated in high school.  His office would be responsible for presenting the case of Darren Wilson, a Ferguson cop who shot and killed Michael Brown, before a grand jury.

Is this a joke?

And then when McCulloch said he would let the jury of 12 civilians figure out what charge to bring, if any, instead of making a case for a specific…

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3 thoughts on “The Day After the Verdict: Is This a Joke?

  1. Well St. Louis black youths have just killed a motorist because he was white. They hammered him to death in front of his wife and were shouting “Kill Whitey”.
    And the man killed is a Bosnian immigrant Zemir Begic.

    Another Bosnian man reported being attacked with hammers less than an hour before, but he escaped.

    The Bosnian community is now protesting about their being targeted by blacks and the fact that the media is ignoring the murder of Zemir Begic – who did not rob a store and bully the owner, nor did he attack a police officer, shows there is bias against whites killed by blacks.

    There’ve actually been other murderous attacks on immigrants in St. Louis by blacks but Obama doesn’t seem to notice or care.

    • I am terribly sorry for your loss. There are never good words to convey enough simpathy in sensless deaths. And lately, there are far too many deaths. I know that all feelings are amplified when you are not in your homeland. I feel for your whole community. I read about the incident, and other ones. I know you must be so angry. hurt. and overwhelmed. I hope you find healing and peace. Truly. I wish we could sit and chat over a cup of don kafe. Sincerely, I wish you great healing, and greater wisdom for all of the people of Ferguson. It will be years before the community is well again I fear. RIP Zemir Begic

    • JJ, I have been thinking of you lots lately. I hope you are healing. I am sad to say that inequality for blacks and for imigrants is real as well as a hate towards the different. I know my husband experienced it and as White priveliedged American, I hear how people talk about imigrants and blacks as if you are all lesser. I know you feel it. and I am sorry. Seriously, keep thinking about the pain I read in your comment. My heart breaks for you.

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