Turkish coffee~ Foreigner Follies

our red jezva with bubbling Turkish coffee

Today, while making the daily Turkish coffee, I made a mess…. again. Usually while making it, I am juggling a newly diapered munchkin, the kitchen mess left by the muz, and trying to wake up at the same time. Filter coffee is much “safer”, I must say.

When I make Turkish style coffee, I let the water boil, take it off the burner, add the coffee/stir, put it back on the burner to boil. When the coffee starts to bubble you pour it into the cup/s. Sometimes when I put it back on to boil, I turn away for more than a second. That is when the coffee volcano makes a mess all over the stove top. ย ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I got a bonus blister while cleaning up the coffee lava as the water on the cloth turned a super conductor of heat. Freakin A!! ย The tip of my middle finger was the victim of my morning haze stupor. Clearly, I should really have a cup of coffee before I make myself some. That’s a catch 22 if I ever heard one.

If you have never made Turkish coffee and want to see how it is made here is a youtube video.He makes it a little differently but it works.ย ย The guy has a nice accent ta boot! ๐Ÿ™‚

Dobar Dan Y’all!


9 thoughts on “Turkish coffee~ Foreigner Follies

      • OMG!! I haven’t had chedder since I left the States. Drooling as I think of it now. I did see a Massive and I mean Massive block of it in a Metro market, but it cost about a thousand dollars. LOL Going home in Nov. I will INDULGE in all the yumminess I can then!

  1. that’s very strong!! I make Italian coffee using a caffettiera (moka) pot. Must do a post to compare notes…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. You’re very brave! I gave up on Turkish coffee after the first time I ruined it. I hate cleaning my stove more than I like Turkish coffee… How’s the coffee in Serbia? Is there anything good?

    • Not great coffee here. I haven’t tried the Costa Coffee chain, but heard it wasn’t great either. As for the Turkish, I am really picky about what kind. There are some really crappy ones that just taste like coffee flavored dirt. :p yuk. Turkish coffee wasn’t love at first sip. The muz made if for me when we were just friends. Neglected to tell me to wait for the grounds to settle. I got a mouthful of grinds. I didn’t drink it again for a long time.

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