Turkish coffee~ Foreigner Follies

our red jezva with bubbling Turkish coffee

Today, while making the daily Turkish coffee, I made a mess…. again. Usually while making it, I am juggling a newly diapered munchkin, the kitchen mess left by the muz, and trying to wake up at the same time. Filter coffee is much “safer”, I must say.

When I make Turkish style coffee, I let the water boil, take it off the burner, add the coffee/stir, put it back on the burner to boil. When the coffee starts to bubble you pour it into the cup/s. Sometimes when I put it back on to boil, I turn away for more than a second. That is when the coffee volcano makes a mess all over the stove top.  😦

I got a bonus blister while cleaning up the coffee lava as the water on the cloth turned a super conductor of heat. Freakin A!!  The tip of my middle finger was the victim of my morning haze stupor. Clearly, I should really have a cup of coffee before I make myself some. That’s a catch 22 if I ever heard one.

If you have never made Turkish coffee and want to see how it is made here is a youtube video.He makes it a little differently but it works.  The guy has a nice accent ta boot! 🙂

Dobar Dan Y’all!


strong coffee and cigarettes 365-40

I went to have coffee the other day. A cappuccino is 60 dinars here. It is about 80 dinars to a dollar, so it is less than a dollar.

Strong coffee and the smoke from cigarettes fills the air

The thing about cappuccino here is, it is more like espresso with a dalup of foam from milk on top. There is no milk inside. Maybe that is why they are cheaper.  I stole some milk from the munchkin’s bottle to make it a real cappuccino. I may have to remember to take a bottle with me every time. 😉

I read, not long ago that Serbia is the number one country in the world. I googled that and found the article from the Washington Post. Sad news there. Very unhealthy. I am lucky to have found a Serbian non-smoker.


Smoking and drinking coffee go hand in hand. Finding a place to relax without coming home and needing a shower from the smoke lingering in my clothes and hair is impossible. Can’t wait for the alfresco cafes in the warmer months to make drinking coffee outside an inviting possibility.

Getting used to the non-smoking laws that swept the U.S in the last 15 years wasn’t difficult. Its like going back in time here in Serbia.

*For those of you who don’t like reading about what I don’t like. My apologies. Mostly, I write about what I like and the differences. But it just struck me yesterday how strange this is for me. Take the good with the bad. That is what I do.