Photography Friday~ Fences and Gates in Vina

While the men were at work this week, I was left again with the booger, She had refused a nap in  Baba’s bed, and I ended up taking a walk with my one ton munchkin in my arms. Inevitably, as I ventured just a little ways from the house, she fell fast asleep. Dead weight, awesome! But actually was, She had a good nap, and I got some good exercise.

Camera in hand, balancing the little freight, I snapped away at the scenery. This time gratefully,  no dogs followed me as they have in the past. And no geese honked warnings. The baby slept in peace.

In the Gypsy village. a large section  is fenced in solely by bed springs and maybe couch mattress springs. Children and chickens remain within the confines of so many springs.

Gates and fences seem to be a must in this part of the world. Only large apartment buildings are left without fences. Probably best this way, as stray and family dogs roam free and can leave presents/stink bombs wherever they like. One very good reason to have a fenced in yard.

Another good reason is the trash. Here, it seems, too few people have manners enough to walk their trash to a rubbish bin. Serbia, an otherwise gorgeous country. is on big trash bin. It is rare to find a Serb who respects their home enough to keep it clean. I has bothered me so much at times I have gone out and cleaned it myself.

I guess I should look at that as an opportunity for improvement? There are a few , just like back home. 😉

This was my favorite gate of the trip. Chicken wire attached to a wood frame, with a fancy iron gate. Simple and beautiful~

Dobar Dan


7 thoughts on “Photography Friday~ Fences and Gates in Vina

  1. The picture of the child drawing at the desk outside under the washing line as chickens run around him is a story in itself – you captured a great moment that didn’t half make me wish I could go back to my childhood (which never involved chickens or Serbia). I’m perpexed by the legs without a body on the left of the picture, though…..

    • I love that too. I can’t get enough of the sights in the gypsy town. Most of these pics are from Kolonija the Gypsy side of Vina. Three little girls were playing in the yard, One was laying back on a chair or stool, that is why you can only see her legs. Chickens were pecking around them and the laundry drying in the wind. The desolate looking building behind is an abandoned mine office or something.

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