Church on Sunday

My Grandpa doesn’t know what it is like here in Serbia. I just talked to him a few days ago and he told me to go to church. Something I would do if I was home.


The name of the Church here is Saint George… only in Serbian it is pronounced a bit different.

This is a picture of his icon. He is pretty and valiant looking at the same time.

The sermon is all in Serbian, it is sung or chanted like the old monks do in a monastery. Normally, it isn’t as pretty though.

The Churches are always freezing cold in the colder seasons. They aren’t heated for the few people who show up on Sunday. It would take hours to warm it. I am not sure that it is even possible. For the few occasions I have been there, A wedding, a christening, and just to go to church, it has always been super cold. Not good for the munchkin at all.

Plus there are just about 5 seats. Well, five seats on each side. The right side is for men, and the left is for women. Like they do in Mennonite and Amish churches back home.

There are no nurseries that I know of in the Churches here. Bringing a child to church is a bit more difficult here if your tot is ornery. I am sure there must be a bathroom somewhere, but I have no idea where it is on the property.

I did go to Church today Grandpa, I took Millie in the afternoon. I didn’t feel the need to go to the service at 8 AM. It would have been much colder at that time of day. Neither Millie or I would get much from the liturgy.
I had a nice chat with a bloke inside who gave me the icon of Saint George and the postcard of the church.

As I was leaving, a gypsy lady was coming in. But only went as far as the door. As I left she kept talking to me, and then asked me for money for medicine, then money for alter candles.

The alter candles here are actually outside, so the church can be locked but people can still light a candle if they want? maybe?


This is a pic I sneakily took of her.


The church grounds are lovely. I took a walk around the church. The side door is really small. I don’t think it is used much anymore.

Millie went to sleep pretty quickly when we got to the church. it was her nap time. I don’t think it was the church itself. Though I have fallen asleep during a sermon or two. 😉



12 thoughts on “Church on Sunday

  1. I like your sneaky pics-real adrenalin shoots! That looks like one very austere church, even if the othside is beautiful the interior looks well cold and gloomy. George looks a tad effeminate, not sure those delicate hands would be too efficient in battle!

    • All the churches here are really lovely inside, but the soot from the incense and candles have made the alter area gloomy. and what would be gorgeous icons and paintings dark and hardly visible. It makes me want to get out a bucket of soapy water to see what is hiding beneath the years of buildup!
      Agreed on the St. George. He seems more of the Shrek Prince Charming type, who would worry about mussing up his hair. 😉 The artist had a strange idea of what strong men look like!

  2. A. George is looking pretty… pretty.
    B. Interesting to see that this looks like an exact copy of the Russian churches… even with the begging babushki. Guess it shouldn’t be that surprising!

    • Hey Polly, You are right. IT seems most of the Orthodox Churches are quite similar. The difference is only in the country and slight cultural differences. Even in Greece they are the same. I will post about that soon! 🙂 Loved reading about Russia too. It is very similar to here.

  3. not many seats in that church!?? catholic churches can seat hundreds of people. And did you discover why that side door is so tiny?

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