Photography Friday Celebrates Serbia’s March 8

Hello Friends, Happy 8th of March! It is International Woman’s day. This is an old Communist holiday celebrating women. Men everywhere are lined up to buy flowers and other random gifts for their moms, daughters, wives, etc.

On my way out today to take pics for my photography Friday post, I past a flower shop. In hindsight, I should have taken a picture of all the people waiting outside for the flower arrangements. I was shocked at the number of adults and children outside standing and sitting where they could. Maybe next year.

I will take something to the mother-in-law tomorrow. She loves this holiday.

On to the pictures! I walked to the other side of the yellow bridge today. That is like the other side of the tracks in some towns. Lots of gypsy people live there. I met one gypsy lady today and she spoke English!  This was her gate.


After I snapped a pic of her  beautiful gate, she came out and a little boy followed but lagged behind. She was super friendly and just wanted to know why I was taking a photo of her home. I wish I had taken time to talk to her more. Another time.

This is the house next to hers, what contrast.

I was trying to beat the setting sun and the dark clouds that were threatening rain.

As I climbed the hill I got a nice glimpse of the looming clouds that hovered over the valley. The morning and most of the afternoon had been gorgeous. In the 60’s. I barely needed a jacket! And you can see from a few pics that laundry was hanging in lots of yards.

Some Baba  had her naughty black stocking on the line here. 😉

Check out this creative clothes line! Whatever works.

Along the same line of thinking, there are some unorthodox shelters here for storing wood. I thought the first one here was rather a lovely idea.

It’s not like a gazebo would be used very often in the winter. What an ingenious seasonal use!

This one is quite inventive as well.

Lots of dogs were out to great walkers today. This old yellow lab was my favorite.

On the way home it started raining. I manged to snap just a few more pics worth posting. This lonely window in an empty old house was worth the time, and I liked the way it looked when I gave it the sepia treatment.

I headed down another road to make my way home. The hilly terrain here has inspired creative architecture.

By this time it was really raining, and I hurried on my way way. But I noticed the prettiest red gate and had to get one last photograph.

Hope you enjoyed the pics
Dobar Dan

and P.S. Thank you all for cheering me up yesterday!


14 thoughts on “Photography Friday Celebrates Serbia’s March 8

    • Happy women’s day! I just love the way Europeans spell mummy. glad you liked the pics. Thanks again for yesterday. I am trying to work on a way to teach English. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

  1. I love the sepia window too … plus the gypsy neighbor’s house, and naughty baba’s crumbling house. Looks like a stiff wind could blow it over. 😦 One thing I can say …. people are really creative in their architecture … what’s the saying? “Necessity is the mother of invention!” 😀 I didn’t know International Women’s Day was a communist invention. As they used to say on Laugh-In … “verrrrrrrrry interesting….”

    Looking into Skype now. Would have done it sooner but I’m a bit under the weather again. Jared brought a bug home from school.

    Glad you were able to get out for a walk today!

    • Thanks Lauren,
      Serbia and BG are very a like, even the language. If you ever want to visit, you are welcome here! (We are 3 hours from Sofia.) I would love to have a visitor from my home state! 😉 and Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Hi Tina,
    Love the way you write your blog – and I find amusing way you see Serbia. 🙂 Hope you are OK with me sharing your photos on my G+ and FB profile. I am posting mainly about Serbia, so I need a lot of photos. Hope my blog will be more active soon, so I will be happy to reblog posts from your blog.

    Best regards,

      • Dear Tina – I gave you credit on each photo but they were marked on g+ like someone reported them as inappropriate or that someone reported me for sharing. 😦 Hope it wasn’t you.

      • Wow, weird, no it wasn’t me, I didn’t even know you had posted them. And I don’t know why some one would have had a problem with them being posted. Thanks for reposting my blog! Let me know if you have any further problems. Seriously, that is weird.

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