My Dream Job

Lately, I have been thinking of having my own English school. I would love to have an Active, Inspiring, Inventive, Playful, INTERESTING English School. My school would not follow the societal norms of a language school.

This school’s education would be based on real English, not rules. It would be active, infused with nature, food, games, and emotional education.

My school would be to use things that the students young and old find interesting so that the classes engage and resonate with them.

I would love to use Pixar movies and other visually amusing subjects to discuss more challenging topics. Movies like this are chocked full of phrasal verbs, idioms, prepositions, and real-life English usage. The disguise of fun, relaxing entertainment can jumpstart the educational process.

I want to do monthly or weekly hikes that stimulate the brain and the muscles. I want to do group bike rides or rollerblading events. I want to teach sports and use English to do it.

I want to teach the students about sap, stems, seeds, pods, and lichen. Nature is one of the best teachers.

I would love to teach cooking with the English measuring system engaging the tongue with language and tastes.

I want to roast marshmallows on campfires, sing songs, play music, and dance.

I would like to do this all while instilling pride in the land the students are living in. I find many are not happy with our town Knjazevac. They don’t know what a gem they have. I want to show them the magic I see in the old mansion on the hill. The cheeses their grandmothers make, and the history they carry in their genes. 

I want them to be proud of who they are and what they are capable of. I want them to see the possibilities in their future, not feel like they are defeated before they begin. 

 This is just the tip of the iceberg. But here it is. This is my dream. 


4 thoughts on “My Dream Job

      • Yes I am still here. I am organising an English Summer Camp this year.. I had to cancel 2020 and last year I thought it was too risky. If the Covid situation improves we should be good to go in July.

        What age group do you teach?

  1. I teach all ages. I have been teaching children and adults online and I love the diversity. I have taught at a private school locally. I really love teaching the kids here baseball and kickball. It is such a fun way to learn ordinal numbers and irregular verbs! How about you? What ages do you teach and what do you enjoy teaching?

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