Brace for Re Entry

On the plane, I got a migraine. The kind only a good upchuck will relieve. I was grateful to vomit and then go back and rest my head on the Mr’s shoulder. I was feeling much better by the time we landed. Needless to say it was all from stress of moving back to the homeland. AND holding a heavy tot for hours while she slept.

Before that at the border, they didn’t want to let the Munckin go with out citizenship papers since she didn’t have a visa in her US Passport. It didn’t matter that we had her father with both his Passports giving her auto citizenship standing at the counter explaining. … with a bit stress, prayer, and hard talk with the border chic, we finally were allowed to pass.

Here are a few random re entry observations…

The Munchkin is fun to watch as she quickly acclimates. Still the hubby is pleased. He has his own little Serb to talk to all the time.  🙂 A new concept.  lol  He (we) made himself his own little national companion! HA!

She rolls her r’s in English. No accent, but still manages to sound like a little Draculaura.  Hello monster high fans!! P.S. she still calls Monster High, “Scary Ups”. We don’t know how she came up with it, but she is three. and it works for her.

I am getting thrown for a loop by the normal things, like “Where do you live?” Hmm,  “No where yet!” People are confused buy how I get flustered with that easy inquiry.

Family reunions are great and ease the stress. But little things like food from a “new”country are trying for a small person.

Munchkin doesn’t like cheese that isn’t white… a total foreign concept. No sharp orange colored cheddar for her! But, ice cream is the international language of love.

I am spelling things oddly. My brain is lost some where in Europe. I just spelled Kindergarden > kindergarten.. that is the German spelling. I never lived in Germany, just saw lots of German stuff in Serbia.

Maybe it is just the change from Turkish coffee to drip coffee that is affecting the brain?

Needless to say, my head is a mess.  I was so sad to leave Serbia, and happy too. and now it is all a mess in my head. Sometimes, I just barely manage to hold back tears of confusion and so much emotion at returning home and leaving the other one.

Now, it is a challenge to find housing. I have been gone for years. No present address to list for rental applications. We are staying with friends. our former address was out of country, and the one before was from ages ago.

Thank God I have great employers who will have me back.  And a long work record with them.

I can’t remember my phone number by heart yet. But will have that down soon.

We have bought a car, now we need another one.. but a house would be great first. All in due time. What I mean by that is, NOW! I want a house now!!

5 days and counting. Jet lag fading, new life on the horizon.

Final thought, HOME is a complicated word.


12 thoughts on “Brace for Re Entry

  1. Wow, clearly I missed quite a few posts! I didn’t even know you were moving back! But I’m sure you’ll crack it all in time 🙂 Best of luck finding a house!

  2. Hoping for good luck – that you’ll find a new house swiftly!
    But yes… through your posts I can appreciate how difficult the concept of “home” must be. Very happy that you have a wonderful employer. And can hardly wait to hear your little Draculaura! 😉

  3. Oh wow, apparently I missed something? I had no idea you were moving back!

    Moving is stressful. I’m so glad we’re pretty much done now. I just need to get my residence permit…

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