I would like to introduce you to a blog I follow, Englishman in Italy. My British blogging friend wrote the most enchanting story. I just had to share it with you.
This Anglo Expat and his Italian wife enjoy an intercultural existence. many times we find the funniest things to share when living in a foreign land and to be sure he has lots more in his portfolio. He is about to publish a book! Please enjoy this reblog of A little Summer House.

Englishman in Italy

In 2009 I left Piemonte and went to Sicily in search of work. This cunning plan, was to find employment in a hotel, or maybe even at the USAF base at Signorella, I could then persuade Mrs Sensible, to move south to be closer to her family, the sun, sea and beaches.

Mrs Sensible thought this was utter madness, most of the Italians were trying to move north in search of work and her crazy English husband was moving south!! However she did see a positive benefit to the exercise. One, she would sleep better without me snoring in her ear and two, I would be forced to learn to speak Italian. Especially if I stayed with Zia E.

Zia E is a wonderful lady, she is the oldest sister of Mrs Sensible’s Dad, and we love her to bits. The only downside was she spoke very little English, maybe as much…

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  1. Thank you for letting me. I love the story. Mrs. Sensible should be proud. My Mr. is growing more and more proud of my writing. I think, it has a bit to do with his friends approval of my thoughts on Serbia. Sometimes it is a little sketchy writing about your second home country. I must say, You are doing a great job!

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