Baby on Board 365-25

Calm down, this is NOT a pregnancy announcement. It is the 11 month birthday of a certain little munckin. One month til the big 1 year mark!! Wowzers.

Baby on Board signs are everywhere here in Serbia.

Baby in car

I find them much more adorable in a language other than English. Even comical at times. (Just wait til I get to that part!)  There is a certain je ne sais quoi, that is conjured when I see Bebe u Auto. I guess that is that is cool because it is foreign.

When they came out in the U.S. years some years back, I remember hearing a comedian making a joke them. He made it clear that was not going to make it less likely you would be in an accident. I mean, someone isn’t gonna have time to react to the sign on your car. Maybe you should just drive more carefully. The best idea: Put your baby in a car seat. Something this Russian guy certainly have done! Have you seen this?? it is crazy scary! Click the link below if you haven’t seen the baby that survive being thrown from an SUV into the path of a HUGE truck and SURVIVES!

MIRACLE – Russia Car Crash Baby Thrown Into Path Of a Truck

This totally proves my case and point. Drive carefully!! Sticker or no sticker.

Another funny sign

After seeing so many of this around town, I had considered posting about them. but thought it would be a bit too dry. I mean, they aren’t that interesting.

But then, I saw one the other night that absolutely deserved a post!

Yes, that is right, Bimbo on board

Yes, that is right, Bimbo on board.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. But then I went on-line and found them.

th (1)This sign is from Italy. Straight from the wiki site I got this explanation:

In Italy, “bimbo” is a common nice word, used as a diminutive of (male) child. Child = bambino = bimbo.

Obviously, this sign refers to a baby, but in the U.S. it has another meaning. According to wikipedia, in English it is a woman who is attractive but dumb or a woman who is promiscuous. I couldn’t help but think this sign was amusing.

For the record. Our car will not be sporting any of these decals. I think they are cute on other people’s cars only.
Dobar Dan

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