Sex Socks

Shopping around the pijats this Saturday was a town event. Stalls were full with venders and buyers. Romani (gypsies) laid out the goods on mats on the ground. Fruits, veggies, plastic goods, and lots of calendars were given new homes.

As I walked around looking for light bulbs that  made themselves scarce, I happened upon a pair of socks. They would have make the Kama Sutra proud. A man and woman were woven into the fabric. The exhibitionist seemed happy to display their coitus for everyone who cared to see or even purchase.

I think this could be a new market. Kama Sutra socks! Collect  all the positions for a complete set!

Wishing you a “happy ending” to 2012!

Happy New Year everyone!

Best Wishes for great “Sox” in 2013!