To my sweet (sick) Valentine

My Dear,

I love you.

As I write, you are sick on the couch. I am trying to find remedies for the sick belly that woke us both up this morning. Though there is nothing romantic about hearing your lover hurling in the toilet early in the morning, on the other hand, there is something to knowing there is someone to help take care of you when you are feeling so unwell.

I hope you will like the fresh ginger tea I am about to boil for you. I would love it is you would drink it rather than sticking your nose in the air. Because, you should drink your chai. You ARE sick after all!

I hope you feel better soon. I also hope little munchkin and I don’t get this. Especially not munchkin! spewing babies are not fun! or remotely romantic. Lets not make this the gift that keeps on giving!

On that note, Happy Valentines day to all.

If you aren’t keen on celebrating Valentine’s day, today is also Sveti Trifun! the patron Saint of Wine! Drink up my friends! Here is a link to see how Sveti Trifun is celebrated in Serbia!

Happy Valentine’ days my dear Muz!

Stock photo from out moving to Serbia party.