Happy Birthday Munchkin

this was just the tip of the iceberg!

This is a continuation of the Blog Yesterday that began the epic story of the Birthday party.

No babies drank any alcohol in the making of this photo

There was a ton of food to be had. The men wasted no time beginning to partake. The girls took their time but eventually caved. Thank God, because I wanted to eat and didn’t want to look like the pig I am. No time for that anyway. Little Munchkin duties call way to often for  a real binge to take place.

I can’t get over how cute these little piglet breads are!

I finally made a Ginger Bread Train for the Munchkin to enjoy looking at. She hasn’t got enough teeth yet to munch on the candy. Thank you, Nicole for sending it! It was a hit. Not something you see here in Serbia! Great gift!

The Ginger Bread Train

Just as I was about to snap the picture, the Munchkin reached for the train. She’s a quick one!

The traditional Birthday song was sang with a lit candle. I don’t know it yet, but give me time. Here is a link to the song on youtube.

The party moved from the kitchen to the living room and then to our bedroom. I missed the photo-op, but at one point a bunch of kids were jumping on our bed. I would call the party a success since the kids felt so at home.

The Big Cousin fishing of the bed with a jump rope and Munchkin looking for the fish.

I think everyone had a great time. I am super glad it is over, now I can sit back and relax a bit. Though today is the actual BDay, so I will light the candle again on top of a cupcake and sing Happy Birthday in English this time. And skype with family at home. 🙂

Tomorrow the festivities will be concluded with the last birthday hurrah. We will go to the village for a small family celebration. There is still that roasted piglet Papa wanted to bring to the party that needs to be eaten. I am not a fan, but it will be a good opportunity to get some fun cultural pics! The Munchkin’s first roasted pig will be about the same size as her! LOL

I can’t believe one year ago today I was in the hospital “enjoying” the effects of an epidural as I pushed the Munchkin out. If you are interested in that story you can click on the link below. The U.S. experience is far different from the Serbian one. And for those of you who think you cannot feel the contractions during an epidural, I could. I just didn’t have pain. No brainer there! Thank you Epidural! Hello Munchkin. 🙂 There are no gory pics. and I think it is a rather tame account if you are wondering.


If you are curious what it is like to stay in a Hospital in the U.S. you can check out my blog post about that here:


Thanks for stopping by.

Dobar Dan

The Baba’s 365-44

I thought I had posted this a few days ago, lo and behold, today I saw that it was still a draft. Oops.

I love the Baba’s dressed in the required uniform of the Balkans and beyond. Since I have come, I have been enchanted with the look that is everywhere. The kerchief on to followed by layers of sweaters in dark mostly blackish colors.

A real Baba relation. Isn’t she cute? She insisted on cutting some flowers and sending them home with us.

The matching black skirt is topped with an apron of sorts. I love the aprons! They are a dying breed. Almost extinct, I like to collect them and imagine I am saving this endangered species.

A lady on her way to the market.

Black stockings called hulahop are the staple, never pants. Sometimes they are topped with some classic handwoven wool socks.

out for a stroll, always in uniform.

The standard black shoes called opansi are black rubber, not super comfy. The soles are so soft that you can feel all the rocks and imperfections in the ground.

I caught this on off guard. Well, actually all of them. I sneakily use the iphone and pretend to be calling someone. They will never let me take a pic when I ask politely. 😦

The Baba uniform is good for all types of work. Farming, chopping wood, cooking, baby care, etc.

Babas tending sheep

I have a pretty cool baby here. Check her out!

She is wearing the muz’s sunglasses.

This is as close to a Baba uniform as I get. I love wearing the scarf over my head instead of a hat. so comfy

Dobar dan

Graffiti 365- 38

One of my new years ideas was to write a bit everyday. Keeping it interesting is really hard. Though, thus far (only one month in) I have been able to keep the ideas going. Now I am starting to struggle. What to write about?
I must get creative. Maybe focus one month or one week on one thing or another? if you have any recommendations or questions about Serbia, Please ask. That will give me an idea of where to go. Maybe?

Graffiti is one thing there is no shortage of here. And I really like looking at some of it. Lots of it is just trash.

This like so many other walls around are covered with scrawlings and scribbled out bits. very unattractive.

but some of it make really good statements. Like this one.

I love you Baby. Maybe I am missing something else. I’m not sure.

This piece is a deeply personal and political statement concerning the loss of a region. Kosovo.

Kosovo je obraz Serbia. I don’t think I can translate it properly. If you can, please leave a comment and I will amend this to include the translation.  Thank you.

I took this pic yesterday. I really like the creativity and humor.

Two kids on a skateboard. LOVE it!

I saw this one on my way home from the pijats the other day. I like it because not only can you see graffiti on the building front and center, but to the right in the distance there is more.

Punks not dead…Bad boys to the right.

Is it just me, or does the mohawk man look like Beavis or Butthead?

O.K. Time’s up for today.

Dobar Dan

The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker 365-33

Things here in Serbia are still quite simple. In a good way. I like that there are specialty shops for things. People specialize and make a living doing so.

The Butcher
There are a few butchers shops here in town. Some stores supermarkets here sell bits of meat like markets at home. but the Butchers sell the most.

I walk past to of the biggest butchers shops daily. I really like the looks of Mesara the best.



The word for meat is Meso. Mesara is like saying meat shop. I think the reason I like this shop the best is because it has a picture of a bull on the side of the building. But not just any bull. The icon for the Chicago Bulls.

SONY DSCThere is a huge dumpster nearby, and as always there are cats scavenging from it. (Like they do in all the dumpsters) I would like to think sometimes they get some scraps from this place.


I don’t shop at the butchers. Everything is ordered first in Serbian.. not my strong suit. and second in grams or kilos. also not my strong suit. The muz buys all the meat. But mostly we just raise the chickens and pigs ourselves. We even butcher, clean and cook them up too.

The Baker

There are LOTS of bakeries here in town. My favorite is this one.


The Cyrillic sign at the top says, Pekara, Beli Jorgovan
Or the White Lilac Bakery

I shop this one the most. Daily, fresh bread, kiflitsa, little pizzas, and lots of burek are made. Lots of other stuff too. I just can’t name it all literally.

This pic is from a bakery in Belgrade. They had a lot more stuff than my bakery does.

Bakeries here differ greatly from the few you find in the U.S. Most of the good are breads with cheese or meats. Sweets are not common at all. In fact I haven’t had even one that I recall. Sadly. I do so miss me some fresh glazed donuts!!

Bringing home the daily bread and a sleeping munchkin. (our reflection photo)

The Candlestick Maker

I haven’t really come across a shop that makes candles, but a whole lot of  some bodies must make them. Because they sell them at the pijats all the time. I took this picture today.

Church candles

The candles here are for lighting at the church or at graveyards. There are a bunch of different kinds and sizes. Some are used for slavas as well.

You can buy in bulk too. It will save you a trip.

For saying lots of prayers.

I always imagined that the candle the “candlestick” maker was making were for  lighting after dark. It is very enlightening living here. I love the antiquity here. Old rhymes come to life.

You never know 365-10

I never know what I will see here when I take a walk. There is always something new and different around town.

Today, I while I was out shopping for a friend’s birthday project. I saw some beautiful architecture.  Sorry no pics.

And adorable little well, that proves wishing wells aren’t just for country folks. This one in a courtyard off main street.

The sign warns, Beware of Dog. But he looked harmless.

I loved the well, but the “beware of dog” sign was unwarranted. Later as I passed by another gateway, a dog that looked as ferocious as a rabid shark ran at the gate. He gave me quite a start. He was taller than me on his back paws and his bark was very strong. My imagination tells me his bite would be much worse.

Yesterday, while the Muz and I were out, we happened upon a really cool old Russian army vehicle.

WWII Russian Army Truck

Cars and doorways all over Serbia are rocking the Christmas Tree sprigs. Simply  charming aren’t they?

This “lucky” doorway is decked out with an over sized Christmas sprig, 4 death announcements, and Graffiti. Serbian decor!

Well, maybe not these, but some of them are.

In one of my last posts, I added a picture of the arched pavilion in the park. Below, is a day time view.

Dobar Dan  (good day!)

Opa Serbian Style

First of all, I know what you are thinking… Opa is something Greeks say. Well, you are right, but they also say it here. It’s a normal expression. I’ve taken it up myself. Serbs also do that circle dancing with both arms up in the air like you see in My Big fat Greek Wedding. Greece and Serbia, Pretty  similar in my opinion. Well, minus the beautiful blue-green  water.

Second. You might be thinking,,, Serbian Style?? What the French toast? Or you are Serbian, and your wondering where this is going. I got you.

This is my top 20 list of knowing you are living Serbian Style.

Here we go!

20. There is a red egg somewhere in your house. (Left over from Easter, ON purpose.)


19. Vegeta is on your spice rack.

18. You know about village life.Image

17. You or someone you know still drives a Yugo or a car made by Zastava. (That is the company that became Yugo.)Image

16. Cervena, Plava, Bela, is the correct order of the colors.

15. You know what a Kinder Egg is.

14. You have a chair or couch  or both, that can convert into a bed.

13. You go to the store once a day to get bread. Really good fresh bread. Not sliced! and you put it in a bread box.


12. The lightswitch for the bathroom (as well as the water heater) is just outside the door.

11. You have atleast 3 bottles of Rakija in your home.


10. You have Slava celebrating remnants somewhere in your home.


They are left over from this:


9. You have a huge space waster in your living room doubling as a china cabinet, closet, entertainment center, bookshelf, bar, etc…


8.Your salt and pepper shaker might actually be a salt and salt dispenser, because pepper is expensive or maybe that is must my family?. Also pictured are the typical European electric outlet and silverware drainer.


7. Dryer, What dryer.


6. Your washers directions are not in English.



5. Your smallest drinking glasses are like little shot glasses, but they are for Rakija!


4. Pictures around your home are actually needlepoint art your mom made and framed and/or a picture of the Serbian Royal family. Some may think they look pixelated.


3. There is a Serbian flag somewhere in your home and possibly a picture of the Serbian Royal family. See pic with Rakija above.

2. Your shoes are close to the front door. and you are wearing slippers (papuče).


1. There is a picture of Sv.Nikola or some other Saint in your home, somewhere.

ImageFeel free to let me know if I have missed anything vital by leaving a comment!