Alternate Reality 365-13

Somethings are different here in Serbia. Little things, like basic beliefs are very different. This works for them and us. I try not to be critical, because I know our cultures provide the outline for our beliefs. I think this will be interesting to my Western readers. Personally, I find it fascinating because it is such a foreign thought. I am sure the opposite thinking is just as strange to Serbs.

For sometime, I have known that it is believed here in Serbia, that cold drinks or cold air can give you a sore throat. The muz has even said he didn’t want to drink something cold when he had a sore throat.

This counter intuitive to me. When I was three and went to the hospital for a tonsillectomy  I remember vividly getting as much ice cream and icy pops as I wanted, because it can help the pain. Even when I had a sore throat, icy cold drinks always made me feel better.

I know some of my western friends may not believe this so I am including a link for a commercial that I am seeing almost daily here.

What you are about to watch is a guy and a crazy looking gentleman in a lab coat. They do an experiment. The younger guy sticks his head out of a car, mouth wide open. It is snowy cold out. The next frame shows the young guy needing medicine for a sore throat…Enter the product, Septolete.

I am sure the product would help a sore throat.

For my sister and anyone who likes really cold drinks, the next one is for you. I was in the village not long ago. Mind you it is winter, and the water comes from a well. When I asked for a glass of water, my sweet aunt was worried the water was too cold to drink. I assured her it was fine. 😉

The thought the water would be too cold would never have come into my mind. I grew up in the country and our water came from a well too. I never wanted to drink it if it wasn’t freezing cold. Funny what a few thousand miles does to your perspective.
Different strokes for different folks!

My fine Serbian friends, I assure you, I am not alone in my joy of COLD drinks. One of the best places to get a beer in my town back home has mugs chilled to the extreme. And the beer is the coldest you will find anywhere. It is so cold when you pour a beer into the cup, that the beer freezes at the top of the glass. The miniature skating rink doesn’t last long, but it is one of the simple pleasure in life I truly enjoy!

You may ask the last time I had a really sore throat, It was years ago. I don’t even remember it. The muz on the other hand, he gets them a few times a year.