Whatever Wednesday~ Spring is here, I am so Excited, I wet my plants!

To be honest, the rain did that today, but I could have. 😉

Just beyond our garden gate…

There are various green leaves sprouting.

This Rock wall that separates the garden from the house reminds me of the movie “Labyrinth”

. Hooray for spring showers bringing May Flowers! and Rainbows!

Our journey back home from the village was made a bit more colorful by a stunning double rainbow. Roy G. Biv was in full effect! Even more brilliant than this picture shows. Even the indigo was bright.

When we got closer we could see the entire arch. But no leprechaun appeared and no pot of gold was found.

I am cherishing the green in the fields, aren’t they lush colors? Soon they will be even more vibrant. Warmth will engulf us and flowers will bloom. I am smiling from the inside out just thinking of it!