Liz Guz 365-21

What are you looking at?

When I cam upon these cats sitting on the circular woodpile. They were both bathing their hind ends. (Licking their butts!) I wanted to share their pictures with you and when I realized licking butts would be part of the topic, I figured it was a good time to share a funny use of the term here in Serbia.

The yellow cat looked at me momentarily,  but the grey cat was persistent in his stare. He seemed seriously annoyed I had uninterrupted his bath. oops!

No, Seriously, WHAT are you looking at? I ‘m taking a bath over here!

Nazdravlja is the proper way to address a person after they sneeze. It is the Serbian version of “God bless you” but that is not what it means. It is only a polite response to a sneeze.

If you are very familiar with a person in a non-formal way, you may say “liz guz” it means lick butt. It is pronounced, leez goose. I get that all the time from the muz. He told me what it meant immediately, and I thought it was funny. I got used to hearing it and it stopped registering. Eventually, it was like I was hearing “God bless you”. In response without thinking, I replied, “Thank you”. Think about it. It’s funny.