What happens when you defend yourself against a burglar in Serbia and the US

Not unlike back home in the US, I have found that defending your home and family is a risky business in Serbia. I just got this link from a friend this morning telling a story about a family in Belgrade who had been burglarized a few weeks earlier and when the burglar came back this past Wednesday, the confrontation between the man of the house and the return “guest” resulted in the death of the intruder. The man, Saska is in jail accused of murder. The laws need to change! He was only protecting  his wife and daughter who were also there at the time.

There is a petition you can fill out for a change in the law included in the article below. If you are interested in helping.

Here is the article I read this morning. http://globalvoicesonline.org/2013/05/25/when-a-burglar-enters-your-home-debating-serbias-self-defense-law/

Saska’s wife is a friend of mine online. I found her when I was looking for help with finding other expats like myself. Even though she didn’t know me from Adam, she helped me find friends close by who I could chat with and who understood my intercultural family.

Please join me in praying for this family as the mother and child are now home without the man of the house to protect them and they must feel very vulnerable. The husband is locked up for being a good man, protecting his family and his home. They don’t know when he will be able to return.


Old wives tales and Baby Traditions and beliefs in Serbia

Reposted from my old blog Chronicles of Serbia at Blogspot with a few added comments.

While living in Serbia, I have found that many ideas are reminders of the past, the region you live in, and the fact that “old wives tales” are strongly followed world-wide.In the US we ” knock on wood” to ward off a bad thing from happening when mentioned it, or throw a pinch of salt over our left shoulder if a bit is spilled. Here are some of the traditions followed by some Serbians to keep their babies safe from the “evil eye” or the like.

All of these were told to me, by my native Serbian friends, feel free to correct anything that my be different in your region. I love to hear variations!

red string is tied around the babies wrist to ward off sickness as well as at least one item of inside out clothing, usually underwear.

Babies are kept inside for a little while because too many people looking cause them to get sick. This idea is not only for babies, but infants seem to be the most vulnerable.

I have been the victim of this kind of thought as well. I got sick after a wedding and my mother in law and her friend wanted to make sure I wasn’t under the influence of the evil eye. They thought too many people were looking at me because I was an American. They were inclined to put a hot coal straight out of the fire in a cup of water and touch  my forehead with the water. My husband put a stop to this when I started freaking out. We had a good time calling his mom a “witch doctor” for a few weeks after that.

Epidurals are thought to be dangerous, and not good for labor. I assure people I talk with that is not true. I have had two. One for a knee surgery and one for the delivery of my little girl. I could still tell when to push. Millions of babies are delivered this way. It is completely safe.

Things believed to help you have healthier babies: 
Sitting on the ground, or walking barefoot could ruin your eggs so these things should be avoided. I am guilty of both of these things, I love to walk barefoot, inside and out. and my mother in law has a fit! She loves me and want the best for us, and I love her for it. It is a nuisance sometimes though. I don’t want to wear shoes or papuche (slippers) all the time. And at the ripe old age of 40, after years of not following these rules I was blessed with a healthy baby girl.

It is also believed that babies should not be sat up before they are 6 months old. They think it can ruin the hips, but here it is encouraged. Babies all over Yugoslavia are subject to wearing hip braces for a while to keep their hips from developing problems. When I tell my Serbian friends that we always sit our babies up, from birth, many of my friends were shocked.

While our munchkin was under six months old, thank God we were in America. But friends who saw her on skype were shocked she wasn’t kept laying flat. I explained it isn’t good for a child to stay laying flat. No babies in the U.S. or most other countries follow that tradition, and they are just fine.The funniest thing I have heard was after a Slava. I was sitting in the kitchen with my two best Serbian girlfriends. We were comparing this kinds of stories. All of us burst into uncontrollable laughter when one of them told  us how a distant Baba from her husband’s side of the family had asked here what sexual position they had used to produce their new baby boy. I think I have heard that idea here in the US a long time ago. I do not believe this is a Uniquely Serbian idea, just another old wives tale.

I was startled by many of the beliefs, but enjoy learning about them. it is really fascinating. Not long ago I watched a movie call “Babies”. Watch the Trailer here. This is more of a documentary movie that follows 4 babies for one year world-wide.  The babies are from Japan, Mongolia, San Francisco, USA, and Africa. It was interesting to see what is acceptable world-wide and refreshing to see how resilient babies are. Ironically, the scariest thing I saw was in San Francisco.

I would love to hear from you on this subject. It is fascinating to me! Well pretty much all customs and beliefs world-wide are. It is the Social Scientist in me.

Friday Photography

Monarch on Milkweed

Today is a flashback photography post. I can’t wait for SPRING to arrive for real! I am posting pics from previous years. This is the Island of Assateague. Minutes from my hometown, this used to be my day off place to escape. and enjoy wild horses and lots of other great bits of nature. Please enjoy!

I was biking with my very good friend ‘N’ and this horse runs across the road and the bike path. I got the butt shot!

Buoy on the beach

Horseshoe crab

Yep, this makes me homesick.

Color blocking even on the privates.


Luscious green

Sand art

On your mark, Get set, Ok. Just stand there and enjoy the breeze.

In the heat of the day, the horses hang out on the beach to enjoy the air coming off the ocean, I have also seen hoodlum horses making themselves comfortable and enjoying food and adult beverages tourists left unguarded. Corona was the beer of choice.

I have made myself officially homesick, can you blame me? 

The sun is setting on this post.

Dobar Dan Y’all