Kick Start Your Good Health!

Today, I am excited to introduce you to some friends of mine who have the most amazing app created that can simplify your struggle in having a healthy lifestyle.

But, first let me tell you how I met these motivated peeps.

I was working in the U.S. and they were over on a summer work program. They were working two jobs and still managed to come to work smiling, even though they were burning the candle at both ends.

Both Evelina and Pavel worked their way up from busing and expo kitchen work to serving.  Not an easy task for non native English speaker who do not live full-time in the U.S., but they managed! It shows how motivated they are.

Later, I found out they were working to pay for the highly expensive American University in Sofia, Bulgaria. The cost of the tuition is the same as a public university in the U.S. That kind of tuition is outrageous in Eastern Europe. But they managed with some scholarships and very hard work.

Presently, they are working to make eating healthy easier for everyone with an app. Let me introduce you to my friends and their endeavor.

If you can help get them closer to the goal of meeting the goal that would be awesome.  And remember, the money is only taken from your account if the project meets its goal. Thanks for reading!

Here’s to your health!