Our Daily Bread 365-24

Daily bread here in Serbia, everyone goes to the store daily to buy fresh bread. Bread is the staple of most meals here. It is almost a crime not to have fresh bread on hand.

I got some strange looks yesterday as I went to the local store to buy some bread. But stopped first to snap some cell phone pics to show y’all how it sits on the shelves waiting for customers to come pick it up themselves.

Hleb on the shelf

There are plastic bags sitting beside the shelves. Just grab one and choose your bread. Take it home and eat that sweet yumminess that is fresh-baked bread.

Beli Hleb means white bread. But for me, it means Bread for my Belly!!! BTW, beli and belly are pronounced the same. That is why it’s funny. (to me only)

Prijatno or Bon Apetite!