Things you don’t have in the US

There a MANY things I wish we had here in Serbia. But there are so many things here in Serbia you will not find in the US. I am happy for the differences. It keeps life interesting, and sometimes challenging. 

I was just at the grocery store the other day and saw the Kinder Eggs. It is really too bad we don’t have them in the U.S. they have been banned by a litigious society. Kinder Eggs are chocolate eggs that are hollow. Inside there are little toys. The muz said they are the coolest thing to get as a child. I can believe it. Chocolate candy and a toy, awesome!


The beer here is also different. As you may expect it is stronger thank your average American beer. It is also served in larger containers than you will find in the US at a much cheaper price.


The two liter bottle above is less than 3 dollars. In my opinion it is the best beer in the world. YUM!

I just saw this today when shopping at the Kinjesky  or Chinese store…


These rolling pins are labeled “movable sticks” . I wish there was another westerner there to see this. It would be nice to have a good laugh with someone over mobile sticks!

Here’s to all your sticks being movable!