Munchkin Monday~15 months 31 inches

We went to the hospital for the first time for the Munchkin’s regular check up. Here it is called control. Any check up for the old or young is called called control. I find that a bit …strange, scarey, communistic sounding. But it is what it is.

No computers lined the desks. All the files are hand written. But it all worked the same as the computer run offices back home.

The one thing that did get to me was the lack of tissue paper for clean surfaces. But I guess that is just less waste for the world to stash in landfills, because paper recycling is hard to find here.

I have been wondering how much she had grown. She has gotten so much bigger since we arrived 6 months ago. She is walking and “talking” a good bit too.
Her measurements were taken at the hospital and of course, everything was in metric.  She is now 80 Centimeters and 11.5 kilos. I had to come home to translate the measurements in to  English or rather 31 1/2 inches and 25 lbs.

In the above picture is the Unicef measuring table for babies. Complete with a real tape measure. The baby scale is just out of sight. It was short for the munchkin, but it worked just fine. She didn’t like it though.

The Doctors (all female in this unit) and nurses had a bit of trouble reading the records we brought from home. The shots are in English, but not so different they weren’t able to translate. The dates are written here a bit different. Today is June 3, 2013.. in the U.S. that is 06-3-2013 in Europe that would be 03.06.2013. It can cause a little confusion.

The Doctor had a lot to tell us and kept looking at me naturally, as the mother tends to care for the babes. But in our case, the Hubby had to take in all the info. I barely understood a thing.

The munchkin got a shot, and only cried for a minute and was fine. She is such a trooper.

The first “Control” here was not so bad for me or the little one!

Dobar dan!


Happy Birthday Munchkin

this was just the tip of the iceberg!

This is a continuation of the Blog Yesterday that began the epic story of the Birthday party.

No babies drank any alcohol in the making of this photo

There was a ton of food to be had. The men wasted no time beginning to partake. The girls took their time but eventually caved. Thank God, because I wanted to eat and didn’t want to look like the pig I am. No time for that anyway. Little Munchkin duties call way to often for  a real binge to take place.

I can’t get over how cute these little piglet breads are!

I finally made a Ginger Bread Train for the Munchkin to enjoy looking at. She hasn’t got enough teeth yet to munch on the candy. Thank you, Nicole for sending it! It was a hit. Not something you see here in Serbia! Great gift!

The Ginger Bread Train

Just as I was about to snap the picture, the Munchkin reached for the train. She’s a quick one!

The traditional Birthday song was sang with a lit candle. I don’t know it yet, but give me time. Here is a link to the song on youtube.

The party moved from the kitchen to the living room and then to our bedroom. I missed the photo-op, but at one point a bunch of kids were jumping on our bed. I would call the party a success since the kids felt so at home.

The Big Cousin fishing of the bed with a jump rope and Munchkin looking for the fish.

I think everyone had a great time. I am super glad it is over, now I can sit back and relax a bit. Though today is the actual BDay, so I will light the candle again on top of a cupcake and sing Happy Birthday in English this time. And skype with family at home. 🙂

Tomorrow the festivities will be concluded with the last birthday hurrah. We will go to the village for a small family celebration. There is still that roasted piglet Papa wanted to bring to the party that needs to be eaten. I am not a fan, but it will be a good opportunity to get some fun cultural pics! The Munchkin’s first roasted pig will be about the same size as her! LOL

I can’t believe one year ago today I was in the hospital “enjoying” the effects of an epidural as I pushed the Munchkin out. If you are interested in that story you can click on the link below. The U.S. experience is far different from the Serbian one. And for those of you who think you cannot feel the contractions during an epidural, I could. I just didn’t have pain. No brainer there! Thank you Epidural! Hello Munchkin. 🙂 There are no gory pics. and I think it is a rather tame account if you are wondering.

If you are curious what it is like to stay in a Hospital in the U.S. you can check out my blog post about that here:

Thanks for stopping by.

Dobar Dan

Mama’s Home!! 365-36

The old and new ambulances

The old and new ambulances

Mama has come home! She has been in the hospital for two weeks+ after stomach surgery. I am glad she has come home.

The door to her wing of the hospital. You can tell it has seen better days.

The door to her wing of the hospital. You can tell it has seen better days.

You can see on the picture above there is no smoking, but many people go just outside the exit door to smoke leaving the door propped. The entire hall still smells of smoke and pollutes the rooms.

The door is like all the others in the hospital. The handle is about to fall off and has been fixed numerous times. One must be careful when opening and closing the doors.

The private room for doctors to have a rest and a bit to eat.

The private room for doctors to have a rest and a bit to eat.

The doctors sink and coffee making shelf. Always gotta have a shelf like this in Serbia. Seriously

The doctors sink and coffee-making shelf. Always gotta have a shelf like this in Serbia. Seriously

Mama will stay with us for a while. The stan (apt) is better thank going back to the village for recuperating  The bathroom and bedroom is all on one floor and the heating is regulated. She won’t get cold here and need to get up and put wood in the stove. AND Millie will get some quality Baba time!!

I took these photos with the good camera on one of my many visits over the last two weeks. Both Mama and Great Grandpa have been there for the last week. I have been meaning to post these pics.


In celebration of Mama’s homecoming, I made American pancakes with a new recipe I found online. I m excite how they turned out. They are like my grandma’s!! Oh Joy!! Everyone else liked them too. I made some plain and the  bit I added cinnamon and fresh diced apples.

an ancient gurney still in regular use

an ancient gurney still in regular use

Grandpa is still in the hospital recovering from a heart attack. He is doing well, I think. He is his usual Oscar the grouch self. Visiting him is much more a chore. I loved going to see Mama. She is much more of an Elmo type personality. Sweet and loving.

Hopefully he will go home soon. Home is always best!