Built Like a Ken Doll

Black Friday shopping was just what the Doctor ordered just a week after my arrival. Sure the lines stretched around the store, but if at the end of the line you have a pair of Nike kicks for $30 and this kind of comedic relief, it is worth it!

So, being the “Ham” that I am, I had to get up close and personal with the guy.

While he is not my “type”,had a nice firm bum,, but the front was lacking the proper “accessories” plus his arm was on the floor, AND he had no head. Lots left to be desired in a man. LOL But I have been away from the hubby now for two weeks and I am getting lonely. 😉

Am I enjoying my time at home, YES! yes I am! 😉 Along with this great timeless pic, I got me a pair of footy full body PJ’s! I am wearing them right now. I know what you are thinking. This girl is an absolute vixen. What? no? but they are they are animal print. JK! Ha ha ha. I must say they are keeping me warm while I am away from the hubby. Hats off to Multifarious Meandering for the idea!

Dobar Dan Y’all

and To my sweet Muz…. Miss you Honey! xoxo



Photography Friday~ Flashback one year (almost)

Today I am missing home just a little. But I am really happy to be here in Serbia and have the wonderful friends that make me feel at home. I was just looking at some pics from last summer.

One of the little munchkin’s first beach trips.

She slept most of the time. That was a relief for me. Getting her ready, loading the car seemed like such a chore! What an adjustment to have a baby.

But it was all worth it.  Just sitting under the pier enjoying the shade, while the waves lapped at the beach was so relaxing.

Last summer was the fist time I ever sat under the pier. It was a must to block the sun and it was easier than getting an umbrella that would have to be lugged around. Today her and I took a walk in the sun. Well, she was shaded by the canopy on the stroller. Look how big she has gotten over the last year. and still, just as cute. 🙂

Whatever Wednesday~ Munchkin fun

The Munchkin is getting into everything. She is climbing ALL over the place. Stairs are her new friends.

This is her last night climbing on the console above our bed. She is already doing the Duckface and she isn’t even a teenager yet!

I can’t get over how smart she is getting. It is shocking really. She knows that farts are funny, as of yesterday. She let a big one rip and then laughed hysterically. If that doesn’t make you laugh when you watch it, your dead.

Then she was just being her silly little self, sitting beside me on the couch watching TV. She looked at my “mommy milk pillow” and smacked it then kissed it.

She is still only a three tooth wonder at this point. Maybe I should be concerned at 14 months and only 3 teeth, but Have ever heard of someone not getting their teeth? I haven’t.

She is knows about going outside now like never before. She brings me her shoes and coat…as if to ask to go out to play. She loves the park, the slide or toboggan and the swings. The weather is so nice we have both been meeting new friends in the park.

Off for another family adventure day! I am sure there will be something new to write home about by nightfall.

Dobar dan!

Sunday Comics- Foreigner Follies

I don’t mind making it known how silly I am at times. I am that way naturally, but living cross-culturally intensifies that aspect of my personality. I have no shame. really. The most recent thing I have done that you may find amusing has to do with condo life.

I have never lived in a condo like this before. This one is a walk up but nice. The issue that has caused the folly a.k.a. foolishness is that the doors all look the same, if you forget what floor you are on and don’t look at the number. One could easily mistake one’s own apt for another.

Yes, my friends that is what I have done. Thank God not continually.

Just last week, I was carrying my small heavy bundle of a munchkin up the flights of stairs. I came to “my door” and opened it. Inside everything was different. I had opened my downstairs  neighbors door. DUH!

Now, it may be important to note that they know my husband, and have since he was a child. They have been his neighbors for more than 20 years and their son worked in the states like my muz. Now, they also know me through the family ties.

Continuing with my story… I realized my “crawl under the rug” mistake the split second I opened the door. A balloon of embarrassment swelled to the point of popping within me.  Immediately I shut the door. Then, I reopened it to say “Sorry”. Then, realizing I had said it in English, I opened it again. I said, “izvini”. and shut the door, totally flustered.

Readjusting my bundle of munchkin I started up the stairs. The door opened and of course as soon as the neighbor saw me, he knew what I had done as I pointed to my apt above.


If this was my door, there would be no issue.

I am sure they think I am an utter dolt, but at least they are nice to me. 🙂 That is all that matters to me.

Dobar Dan