Spring Forward into Life

Last weekend the time changed in Europe. That fact is irrelevant to this blurb. Almost.

Trouble on two continents, family issues, and work that had to be done worked in tandem with germs from the little miss. A cold stopped me in my tracks. One whole day, I was down for the count. A day later, I was not fully recovered. but mentally, I was renewed.

The physical rest gave my mind the break it needed! Now, I am back in Black and White!! and Technicolor! Alive again after a long cold winter of cabin fever.

Joyful Yellow Flowers!! Happy Spring!

I am about ready to get back to work on Baba and Deda’s house renovations. Spring house cleaning has begun!! Putting winter away and bringing out new seasons things! Just like the Trees! Hip Hip Horrah!

The celebration of spring has begun in Serbia and all over the northern sphere!! There is a new energy! Longer days and a new mindset! My brain, like the trees is blooming with new ideas!  Get out and enjoy the green sprouting from the formerly drab brown ground and feast your eyes on the fresh sprigs!   It will make you feel alive!

Pops of color are everywhere. Even the street cracks are bursting with dandelions that are growing under water spouts.

The idea of renewal is one that suits the story of Uskurs or Easter. Easter weekend has hit the Western world, We have a week yet for it to hit the Eastern Orthodox part of the world. Preparations are in progress. I think nature does the best part of the prep work!

Christ is Risen!!

Happy Easter to my friends and family!


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