I am Expat Blog of the Month!!

I regret not being very active in blogging lately. There is just too much going on … preparing to move, working on the place before we leave, etc!

I was thinking about what to write next and then I was asked to be the blog of the month over at expat blog!! I accepted and now my interview is up and ready to view!! You can check it out here!

I love that site, and joined almost as soon as I became an expat!! I have found other bloggers I love reading, through them. Expat Blog makes it easy to find expat bloggers all over the world!! You should check them out!!

Will blog again soon!! I miss writing, but I have been just too tired to think!


8 thoughts on “I am Expat Blog of the Month!!

    • Me too! I think about writing and mentally write entire blogs in my head while I am busy doing all the things that are keeping me from it!! I doubt I will have much chance before fall! 😦 Great to hear from you!

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