17 #ForeignPeopleProblems Every Expat Understands All Too Well

Ahh, This is so true!

Thought Catalog

Eat Pray LoveEat Pray Love

1. People saying your name. Now you might not have a name that is unique to the place you’ve moved to. But then again you might. And good freaking luck trying to get people to get it right.

2. Speaking the language in that country perfectly prior to moving there, explaining this to people, and still being “complimented” for it.

3. Using the “wrong” names for things and people not understanding you. Whether it’s being called out for saying, “cinema” instead of “the movies,” or saying “dustbin” instead of “trash can,” expect all the laughs.

4. Constantly playing the “conversion game.” You know, the game where you convert the prices of things to how much they cost you in other currencies and usually feel cheated. Except in the moments where you feel like you’re winning!

5. Some of your pronunciations, or your entire accent in general will…

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