Counting rooms

A brilliant post and insight to Serbian life!

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One of the things I tend to do when traveling to new cities is to check out the real estate listings to figure out how the locals perceive the city and how much they value certain parts of the city over others. Sometimes I also dream about moving to those places and want to know if I can afford it.

For the most of the last six months I’ve lived in this little town (but the second biggest) in Serbia, called Novi Sad.

And on occasion I look up real estate listings.

As an American, it might be difficult for someone to get used to the flats/apartments/condos here.

One of the first things that I noticed is that everyone cares very much about square meters of the apartment. Even your “informatika” (utilities) is calculated based on how many square meters your apartment is considered. I need to clarify that it is not…

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