Knjazevac Charming Beauty

My town is exceptional in its beauty. So much so, that it won an award this year. It will be will be listed in the network of “European Destinations of Excellence” Here are the pics to prove it!

Above is the Main Street bridge.


The view of a locals enjoying drinks at Casa Dolce cafe and beyond to St. Georges Church in the distance.

And below a boy casts his fishing line into the Timok River.

Then there is the iconic opposite side of the Timok. Post card material.

One of my town favorites is the old arch rimmed pavilion. A brilliant place to sit and watch the world go by.

The town is filled with beauty everywhere, sometimes it sneaks up on me.

cool and old

cool and old

See, even the ruins are lovely! And if you look up above the door, you will see it used to be an arched doorway.

Bright colors, painstaking iron work and carved wood doors create the kind of eye candy that decorates the town.

This is my town, and it is stunning no matter what the season.

Even the people are gorgeous and their traditional costumes are fantastic, not to mention the dancing! Anyone for the Kolo? OPA!
Yellow scarves ans red socksIf you are thinking of making the trip to visit us contact one of these agencies, They have English speakers who can help you.

Come visit!  We can chat over coffee, or even better,  Rakija!


Dobar Dan Y’all!




5 thoughts on “Knjazevac Charming Beauty

  1. Lovely photos, and we’ll have to make a stop in your town! My husband and I are in Niš for the year as I received a teaching grant to work at the faculty of philosophy there. 🙂 Chuffed to have found your blog since it’s hard to find a regularly updated expat blog.

  2. Sorry, I am so exhausted. We had a long cold day in the fields clearing trees. My brain is moosh. I would love it if you could come visit. Or I can come see you there. Nis is about an hour away. The road is not bad. If you want to email me or find me on facebook you can use my email address:
    I do hope you are enjoying it here. I know how big of an adjustment it is… 😉

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