No Longer Incognito~ Stranac in Knjazevac

The Munchkin has started preschool. She is talking in both languages. I am proud.

At the same time, I am leery. I can no longer hide my foreign self. If I don’t speak, I may pass as a local. Maybe. But now, the little one speaks to me only in English. I’m outed! No blending. I am as foreign as my Chinese counterparts.

On the upside, I am excited to report I have a Chinese friend here!! Hooray for company of another foreigner!

I have met quite a few people over the last year, and I think my foreigner status in a small town is no longer a secret to many.

Of course this is good and bad. I long for it to be more good than bad. Concerns about what I post plaque me. The luxury of being a foreign blogger in a large city is not mine. My words may seem critical even if well intentioned.

I know that I make mistakes all the time, with my friends and strangers I meet. Such is life!
My stranac/foreigner status is opening doors. I have conversations with moms and dads on the playground. For a while it was just Munchkin and me. How lonely. Slowly, that is changing. For the social butterfly in me, that is priceless.

About a week ago, I was asked to speak at a school for the European day of Languages. I was thrilled to go. Although, in the end, my nerves got the better of me. I was sweating like a sow and all the ideas I had to share became as illusive as a unicorn. I am sure I made a fool of myself. I know know I don’t do well in front of crowds.

I was on one the local news and got to meet a few new people. It was fun. I am looking forward to more fun events where I can be part of the community.

Off now to the Vasher (Market Fair) and to a Great Britain Event later today!! I am so excited!! Pics to come!

1 thought on “No Longer Incognito~ Stranac in Knjazevac

  1. Perhaps you should start a second blog, T, where you are freer to be yourself? It’s so very important to have that outlet.

    But — on the brighter side — how neat to be on the local news!!! And your little one is growing so quickly —exciting, but sad at the same time.

    Take care of yourself, k?

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