Not so Urban Sprawl 365-23

I saw more of this the other day and it reminded me of how country our town is. I love it! will have to post a part two if I can find the time.

Chronicles of Serbia


This part of town used to be out side of town. Urban sprawl took it’s toll, now what once was kinda country is now within the city limits. There is no space between this town and the next. This area has regular housing,  but barns next to the homes are a common site.

Side yard garden Side yard garden

Gardens take the place of yards if the free space is not covered in cold hard cement. In fact, yards with grass seem a bit unusual here. I am kinda tired of seeing so much concrete. More often than I would like there is just concrete. I find it unattractive. But then, I am a country girl who enjoys big green spaces. I get the garden in the yard. In fact I think it is a super smart use of the land. The same idea is starting to catch on in the U.S. (Slowly…

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