Munchkin Monday 4.14.2014

Wee haw is still the word she uses for swinging. it is her own word. not Serbian or English

Chuti i Bezi is  what she likes to say to Daddy most right now. Actually that isn’t true.. but that is what he claims. Bezi means go away. and Chuti is like shut up. Not very nice. she has a very bossy streak… not unlike me. 😉

Making a tent in the bed and playing in the home-made one are the next best things to Peppa Pig.(Peppa Pig is on non-stop.) Making the bed tent equals us laying down and lifting our legs to hoist the covers up and create the tent. Presently, she calls all tents tunnels. I try to correct here, but I am getting used to being wrong already. It is inevitable she is right.

She loves running into friends in the park. We get a little play time in and then we walk home together.

Eating is only an occasional pass time. One day she will, and the next she won’t, but milk is always on the menu!

“Oh dear” is her new exclamation for angst. “Oh no” when something is broken or she has thrown dropped on the floor.

Play dough is best ground up in the fingers till it becomes flour again. Or Mommy is to make balls and eggs from it…. so she can again become a human mill creating Play dough flour.

She loves sitting on Daddy’s lap and reclining against his chest.

She is saying Pweez (please) and Thank you when she wants things. But not all the time.

That’s “the end” for this episode!



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