There’s no such Thing as a Dumb Question pt. II: Why did WWI start because some duke was killed?

Fascinating history!

Kickass History

The First World War was a defining moment of the Twentieth Century, and of our times. While assassinations are by no means trivial in world diplomacy, what was precisely important about Archduke Franz Ferdinand, why did Serbia support the Black Hand organization, and furthermore, why were Germany and Russia so angry about it? The usual explanation is a combination of three factors: Imperialism, Alliances, and the Arms Race. However, while an adequate general explanation of the period hitherto, this ignores the complex underlying reasons for the crises in the Balkan region which initially brought the various nations of Europe into such a brutal conflict and century defining event. The First World War is still one of the most destructive in terms of human loss, cultural artifacts, and last, but certainly least, financially. Why did World War One start because some duke was killed?

Ferdinand isn't his last name, which would technically be von Hapsburg. This guy.

and why was this guy so pissed off? and why was…

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