I had a dream…. of slavery

I just woke up from a dream. The sun is not up yet and  I come out of the dreamy haze with relief and still a huge weight on my consciousness. In the wee hours of the morning, I can just make out that my little one is sound asleep beside me. She had inched herself up to the top of the bed and was using the entire pillow as her mattress.  I pull her down under the covers to keep her warm.

I couldn’t shake the feeling of the dream. Sleep again evades me. So I will share this tale of fear. I am afraid for some, reality is and much worse.

Surrounded by the surreal fuzziness of dream state, not caring for truth or logic, I found myself moving back to the apt I had lived in NY. I arrived late and exhausted. I crawled into bed and realized I needed something so I moved to the floor  to find it. On my hands and knees I searched. I was wearing a t-shirt and undies. normal sleep attire. Immediately, I heard voices. My land lady pleading with someone.  I wanted to flee to the safely of the closet. Fear struck me and weighed me down like a stomach full of bricks.

Instantly my landlady and a strange man were there and I was  frozen in the crawling position, in my underwear in front of a stranger. The man was openly eyeing me with nauseating lust. I was without a place to hide. If I could have only made it to the closet… he wouldn’t know I was there.

As time went on I found out he was keeping a young girl there hostage. a sex slave She and the landlady had wrist bracelets like shocking dog collars, but much more sinister. They glowed green like evil eyes. They were prisoners of the house.

He made his way to me and I felt the fear and revulsion engulf me. He kissed me and talked to me as if I was his possession with no choice or means of escape. I was trapped. I learned how the other girl felt. Hopeless, ever fearful, and just a shadow of human life. Freedom was just a dream of the past.

The young girl was his. Her body was not her own. He came and used her when he wanted. Her small room was her only solace.

So many thoughts raced through my mind.

in this situation you learn new things and new ways to be fearful. You try to hide your fear and disgust. you don’t say anything. You are an animal in a trap. no voice or words.

I kept thinking of the girl, she was so young missing her life. No one would care for her if she was sick, she had only to wait and for him to come to her. traumatized by the horrible reality that she was a modern-day slave…like so many others in this world. living in darkness, taken from her family. depression grips and becomes a shackle. A dungeonous life.

You can imagine the relief I felt as reality struck. But for many, a life worse than this is reality. The profits from captured women forced into  prostitution are so great that stopping these people  is next to impossible. These vile subhuman, who sacrifice the lives of others,  including young girls and boys are so powerful, and the desire of so many is so great that this will continue.

Men paying to use these slaves tell themselves lies that the women have chosen this life. But deep down they must know that is not true.

Victims are surviving physically, but dead inside. Hope is beyond their reach.

This is still heavy on my chest. I have such a burden to help, and I just don’t know how. Eastern European living makes me think of it more. Though I know it is just as much of a reality back in the US.


8 thoughts on “I had a dream…. of slavery

      • Hey, I am trying to help some English teachers here who have had some trouble concerning an English competition here. One of the issues was the use of the word fable as the root for the word fabulous. I never knew they were connected til now. Is that news to you? I know it is not a normal use in American English. It seems as if the test was written unfairly to trick the students, and maybe have been given to some in advance to peruse. I am going to write to them after I look into it more and get answers from you and other UK English speakers in case it is just my poor American English. Thanks in advance!

      • Hi! No, I’d never made the connection either, but I guess it does make sense. A fabulous tale for example – having no basis in reality. I looked it up in the Oxford Dictionary and got this – Origin

        late Middle English (in the sense ‘known through fable’): from French fabuleux or Latin fabulosus ‘celebrated in fable’, from fabula (see fable).

        It does seem a bit obscure for an English competition for non-native speakers though! What level are they?

      • They are in their 8th year of English I think. I had to look it up to see that it was connected as well. But if native speakers don’t know the connections, I don’t know how young students should have that knowledge. Thanks for the input! You are very kind as always! well unless you are being super cheeky about the truth of living in LT! 😉

  1. What a scary dream. It’s so, so sad that this actually happens. I’m not sure what individuals can do except be mindful, share stories and “correct” those we meet that think any sort of prostitution is ok.

    • Sadly, it is a hard thing to go up against. The people in control are very powerful and obviously have no moral code. It breaks my heart to think of any girls having to experience this especially really little girls. It has been on my mind a lot lately.

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