Old Village Church (on Sunday)

Bees were buzzing about hives and found some freshly blooming daffodils and other spring flowers that have perked up for this fine early spring day. Tomorrow should be in the thirties and we will all be back to hibernating again! 😦

As I made a trek via bicycle to the next village my muscles complained from lack of pedal pushing. At the end of the village was a lonely little church. The gate and main doors were ajar. Serene and welcoming the church offered a wonderful place to pray and enjoy the exotic antiquities it held. If I didn’t think it would be frowned upon, I would take a large cup of tea and just sit there and marvel at the cornucopia of icons and cultural norms. The pics will have to do for now.

Balcony and bell tower steps

the sanctuary

ceiling icon


Happy Sunday.

Dobar Dan!


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