Upside Down in Serbia

I was a gymnast a very long time ago. I decided to work on my core and get some “different” pics of Serbia simultaneously!

The first day pruning I got this one in a field on the way home. The downward slope was a challenge.

On the second day, we were having our coffee break whilst the dog ran about sniffing out food and begging for some.

I was determined to get another upside down shot. I was a bit to hasty. Should have given some thought to my top falling with gravity… oh well.  Here’s to sloppy belly shots!

The ground was super hard here. The coat I was wearing wasn’t enough of a pillow.

The last one was the biggest test of skill.  I was in a plowed part of the field again on a slope. 

This was the last day, again we were on coffee break. It had been sprinkling off and on and we were glad to complete the task.

I admit I am quite slow at clipping the fruit bearing trees. But, by the last day I got a bit better and next time I will do it even better.

As my arms and core get tighter and stronger the “upside down” will be improved as well!

Dobar Dan Y’all!


4 thoughts on “Upside Down in Serbia

    • It does become dull, but not any worse than accounting! lol I like have a nice view from the office, fresh air, and doing something good for the earth. Planting and caring for trees is all of the above, the hours are much less demanding! I do miss the social aspect of working with people. but our doggie Buck is a sweet sub!

  1. My dad has an orchard with apple, pear and peach trees in it. Every year around this time we go out and prune the orchard. It hurts my hand so much. I feel for you! I hope you have a good pair of pruning shears. It’s not my favorite activity at all.

  2. We have invested in really good pruners. and we sharpen them all the time so it isn’t bad. I also wear gloves so only the first day was hard on my hand. I didn’t mind it much. We are done now. 🙂

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