T25 Tuesday Jan 27

Monday 9:00

I did T25 for the first time this morning. I am following the designated schedule, Alpha Cardio is the first day. The work out was completed with modifications on most of the harder moves. I would have hated to do modifications when I was younger. Now I realize I am not 25  anymore and I have so little muscle, I must work up to no mods!

The caption says, “Don’t hate your scale, just learn how to use it correctly.”

I did not stop at all to rest or take a drink. I kept going the whole time! Go me!
I have a nice sweat worked up and my heart was really pumping. Now to study Serbian!

Update: Munchkin woke up about five minutes into study time… of course. She has a sixth sense for my  Srpsky (Serbian) study. She always comes to disrupt the progress. She knows in the long run (years down the road) it is better I don’t understand it so she can trick me with a secret language.

On Tuesday, I woke up about 4 AM and couldn’t sleep. At five I decided to get up and do my T25 and then have a bath. Baths are so hard to enjoy if a toddler is awake. Early in the Morning workout and bath was perfect. There are some upsides to this lagging jet lag.

After the  much modified T25 and soak I went back to bed till 11:30. Not a bad start to the day. I am flexible.

Modifications were used mostly today because I was afraid to be making a bunch of stomping racket at 5 AM and wake the neighbors below. Speed 1.0 is not that difficult and next time I will do it with no mods.

I am pretty sore, but I feel really good after I work out. My muscles are tight, my bum is really getting busted with all the squat moves. Sitting is kinda painful in a good way. I love feeling the post effects. I missed working out.

T25 is short enough to fit into a busy day! and it is intense enough to really get a work out! I know it is effective too. My sister-in-law has been doing it for a few month with dedication to diet and walking everyday. She has lost over 40 lbs! Can’t wait to see how I do!

Working on potty training and organizing now. Later Oatmeal Chocolate chip cookies! Obviously, I am not so dedicated to diet. 😉 but oatmeal makes them at least a little bit healthy.

Dobar Dan Y’all!

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