Munchkin Monday~ Living with a Toddler

Living with a Toddler is a different way of life. Their minds are twisted and strange and their sleeping habits are um… unbridled!

For some time, we have been dealing with this…

The Muz invested in a king size bed. This is how that works: her taking up as much space as possible and stealing a pillow from one of us, leaving some poor sod with her little feather pillow. She is a thoughtful little thing.

Of course it is even better when she gets all turned around and her feet are kicking one of us and she is head butting the other. I should tell myself she just wants to know we are both there. Touching us both gives her peace of mind while she sleeps. But, when you are tired from a long day of “Mommy, Mommy Mom. ,Daddy, Daddy.” You need some quality rest in order to do it all again the next day. Am I right?

I have a confession. I put Minions clips and movies on You Tube so I can get things done or kitty videos, she is also a big fan of random kinder egg unwrapping videos. She loves all things that include jaja or eggs. Toddlers, have strange little minds!  Things that get done might be dishes, making food, writing part of a blog, or just a time out for Mommy.

Her newish thing to do is throw “trash” away. I am afraid we may have lost our little green plastic juicer to her love of getting rid of debris.  I saw her take it from the counter once, throw it in the trash while saying, “Srash srash!” I rescued it. Washed it, and put it on the counter out of her reach to dry. A day or so later the muz wanted to make some fresh squeezed orange juice. The little juicer was nowhere to be found. It may still turn up, but odds are some little one, who is now to tall for our own good, managed to get her little paws on it and threw it in the trash.

Last night I caught her placing a saucer in the can. I think maybe we should have a lock installed on the cabinet door to keep her out. Or possibly we should just sift through the bin for non-trash items every time we are about to take it out.

About a week ago while she had two little bouncey balls in her hands. She put them down the top of her shirt and held them to her chest. She smiled up at my chest and said, “Boobies!”.

I am a little freaked, I think I was about 8 when I started putting little plastic eggs halves in my shirt to get the look of having “boobies”. I would use the ones that “NoNonsense” panty hose came in or the tiny Easter eggs formerly filled with candy.

au natural

Years later, in the summer months I discovered the next under the shirt implant, Hydrangeas! Yep, they are a perfect half globe of flowers making a nice all natural implant! There was one downfall to this  stuffing, bugs that my be resting inside of the soft bouquet would then crawl around inside my shirt.

I can say for sure she is observative,  I can only hope she isn’t eventually “blessed” with the bounty I was given.

To be sure toddler problems are much less concerning than teenager issues. I will take all these things over the ones to come in the future!


9 thoughts on “Munchkin Monday~ Living with a Toddler

    • Yep, and this nutter is getting nuttier(?) It is now just 6 AM my time zone and I have been awake for more than an hour. UGH. I am going to go crazy. I can’t shake this jet lag! Going to exercise and hope that will get me to sleep!

      • I may try that if a tiny person would not be eager to wake me once I hit the comatose state! 😉 I am sure Murphy would give me a hangover and a cranky baby to boot! not tempting the law of Mr. Murphy! I am not that brave.

  1. I commiserate because all three of my children used to sneak into our bed and we found ourselves perched on the edge like something out of Cliffhanger, trying to work out which option was better – fighting with an obstinate toddler, or having peace and quiet but no sleep. Paradoxically, toddlers are the best contraceptive out 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, I was laughing at this so much. I can relate totally. I put on BabyTV and give him food to keep my toddler busy while I ‘get things done’. Sometimes getting things done include comments like this… must go turn off the TV now.

    • Getting stuff done helps you feel like a real human, not just the caretaker. Thanks for the comment! I know your time is precious. 🙂 Hope someday we can meet and our little ones can keep each other company! 😉

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