Hello From the US!!!

Hey All!

I am back in my home country. IT feels GREAT!! I am eating like a pig and catering to a little shell shocked Munchkin. All the travel to FL and PA has left her a bit needy.

I have been getting an unusual amount of email lately from American women married to Serbs. They are all looking into moving to Serbia! For REAL! If you are one of those ladies…. I am here for you. Please feel free to leave me comments and I will get back with you.

I doubt I will be blogging much while I am at home. NO time! Hope you are having a great holiday or Slava season!

6 thoughts on “Hello From the US!!!

  1. bet your little one will get lots and lots of attention from family and friends over there… and will pick up a few words too! happy holiday dear Serbian neighbour

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