Recovering Energy

Sunday was the Big day, 1400 sour cherry trees planted. Gathering all the seedlings from the garden was done the day before. The big day we started out at 6 AM with three tractors pulling two wagons, and one large corkscrew digger thing to dig the holes.

Seedlings were stacked in the wagons and the crew took seats and rode the bumpy wagon to the fields. There was another lady, her and I trimmed the roots to prime them for the new soil and fertilizer. We joined the men when that job was done.  Planting was really hard work, making sure they were in straight rows takes time and patience.

On the way down the hill to the last field there was a little excitement as the tractor began to slide down the hill in an expedited fashion. Control was gained rapidly and the roller coaster butterflies were squelched as quickly as they began.

The last field was the smallest and went super fast even though we had lost two workers. They had asked if I wanted to leave as I was a female (I guess?). But, this is my field too, I will work it! So I stayed and was happy to see the job done.

After the long day, there was a very large feast prepared by Mama and Aunty Slavica! It was awesome, and loud and so smokey. The best part for most was the roasted pig!

I opted out with the munchkin, we went home early. I savored the quiet and fresh air of the condo. It started to rain just after we got home. It was a long steady rain that will soak the cherry trees and melt the fertilizer, feeding the little saplings. 🙂 Yay!

We had about 10 people working hard to achieve the goal. Thank God for great friends! I wasn’t even doing the really hard work and all I did was lay around yesterday. I know the team has to be hurting!

Today, I am a new woman. And I have a break to write while the little one sleeps. 🙂

Preparing for my last class tomorrow and figuring out what to pack for the little one and myself for the next month+ are my next projects.

This little Mama is overjoyed to go home!!! Making plans with friends for reunions is a big priority. I may or may not be containing the drool that pools in my mouth as I think forward to Thanksgiving! YUM! Pecan pie, green bean casserole, and the rest of the fixings are coming to mind. My belly growls even though I just ate.

Bring it all on!

I hear the whimpering munchkin duties calling now. Naptime is over.

Dobar Dan Y’all


9 thoughts on “Recovering Energy

  1. I was going to ask what you were going to do for Thanksgiving in Serbia but the I remembered you said you’re coming home for the holidays!!! I just did the flight from Serbia to the US with my 10 month old back in July and I have to say, it was a harrowing experience. Good luck on the travels. I found that those little toys that come in the kinder eggs are perfect little distractions on the plane when you need one. They’re tiny and you can fit a lot of those little toys in your pocketbook. Also if you can anything that lights up, my daughter’s favorite toy was the keychain that doubled as a light. For some reason that entertained her the longest!

    I’ve read most of your blog and I love it love it love it because my husband and I are thinking of moving to serbia in the next few years with our 15 month old (By then she’ll be older of course) and our next baby which is still on the way. I love serbian culture and love how involved the family is with raising a child. I feel like that’s important for my kids to have in their life so that’s why I want to move so badly! You make me feel like this is totally possible and I’m so glad you’re paving the way for others like me to follow 🙂

    • Hi!!! how are you? Oh my, I have so many questions!! like where would you live? and what will you do here? Have you been to Thailand? I saw you were half Thai. Thailand is my favorite country! I love the people, the food, and it is just the most lovely place. I look forward to chatting with you more!! 🙂

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