Halloweenish post

I haven’t done anything to celebrate the scary season. Well, that isn’t completely true. I talked about it in my little English class. It is fun to share my cultures fun Halloween traditions with my kids. They knew mostly how it all works. Going to the door and saying “Trick or Treat” and all… but they did ask what we do for tricks.  Nothing.

I was inclined to write something for you, but I really had nothing to share. Or couldn’t think of a single thing.  Then, just a few days ago a friend of mine posted some great pics of a maze on the beach back home in Ocean City, Maryland.

I believe this is the first year they have done this. I know they didn’t do it last year. Hurricane Sandy was screaming up the coast. Me and mine were preparing to fly out of NYC on the 31st of October. What a harrowing adventure!

Great idea for next years costume!

Here in Serbia, they have Masking balls. Kids dress up dress up and have a party. Sounds good to me. but the whole night-time “trick or treat” thing is a good time too! Better in my opinion.

I don’t like clowns. nuf said!

Life guards on the other hand…

I can hear the canned screams and cackles  just looking at this next pick!

First thought here… Medusa got a tongue ring.

Last but not least finally a wicked Jack-O-Lantern. Get your freak on buddy!

This holiday maze seems like a good idea for a nice fall walk on the beach. Maybe someday I will take the munchkin.

Thank you LP for letting me use your pics! They are excellent!

Happy Halloween all!


10 thoughts on “Halloweenish post

    • I was home with the baby, but I did have the most awesome surprise. About 7 kids came to my door (and everyone’s door in my building) doing the Trick or Treat thing.I was sad I didn’t have anything to offer. 😦 Next year I want to plan a party for kids… maybe do a haunted building somewhere in town. ? We will see!
      Sorry about the scary pics…

  1. Hi Tina,
    I left a message on your old blog on one of the post about your move to Serbia (Our Ship came in!), but now that I’ve caught up with all your posts so far, I thought I’d post it here as well.
    I am considering moving to Serbia for a year (or more) in April. I would love to know about what you did in regards to logistics (shipping things, car insurance, etc.) I also have a cat that I am very attached to…my entire Serbian family tells me I should leave her in the US but I don’t know what to do. Any advice about what you’ve done and why would be helpful.
    Feel free to send me an e-mail if you wish to keep things private. I was trying to send one to you but I don’t see a way of doing it through the blog.
    Many thanks!

    • HI ya!
      again! I replied to your comment and started an email to you… I saw your Yahoo address on your post. I didn’t send it afraid it was to much to fast. I will go ahead and send it now. 🙂 🙂

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