Foreigner Follies~ Adventures in Baking internationally, Serbian edition * Bonus brownie recipe that works in Serbia

I was reading one of my favorite and funny blogs, Expat Eye on Latvia about her cake making abilities. They turned out to be delicious of course. As I was leaving a comment on her hilarious prose I thought I would share the agony joy of cooking internationally. For me that of course is in Serbia.

The hubby and I had been craving brownies, but no such thing exists here, and I have only ever made them from a box mix. Let the adventure begin. I got the idea to look for a recipe in a peace corp cook book from an ex-peace corp guy.

Thank you Google Search for making that possible! I found one in just a couple of minutes.

That was the easy part.

Next began the mad scientist experiments. You think I kid… nope. You have a recipe, you think will give you a desired product, but what you don’t know is the ingredients are not standard all over the world. Who knew?

I made it once and found that the cocoa is weaker here, and it turned out more like a cake.  😦 SO I reduced it from two eggs to one and changed the 1/4 cup oil or butter to 1/2.

Still not right. With more tweaking I finally got something that we can enjoy, though not 100% like home.  YUM!

One thing that my fellow  gal pal blogger has taught me to do from now on is to cook with wine. I have heard of this concept .

I don’t believe I have ever tried it. Of course I have cooked with whine most recently, toddler at my feet arms up stretched and wanting to be held as I try to create a tasty treat. That is not as fun as you may think.

I try to focus without getting to angry and stare at the recipe  blankly as I think to myself… “Why wasn’t I on birth control?” Yep, just give me the worst mom of the year award or punishment right now.  It is no surprise to me!

With a little wine the little whiner may be less distracting. Then again, maybe not.

The brownie recipe I settled on is below:

I use English measurements…. but here is the untested  metric measurements as well… good luck with that! 😉

American Brownie Recipe

1 cup sugar ~ 250 ML

1 egg… no translation needed!! 🙂

1 teaspoon Baking Soda ~ 5 ml

1/4 cup oil  ~ 50 ml

1/4 butter or margarine 50 ml

2/3 cup flour~ 150 ml

1/4 teaspoon salt~ 1ml

1/2 cup cocoa~ 125 ml

Optional: 1 cup or 250 ml of chopped walnuts, almonds, or hazelnuts. or Chocolate bar! YUMMY

1 bottle of wine your choice to drink as you cross your fingers and hope for the best!

Grease a small baking pan 8″x8″ or a small round cake pan. Preheat the oven for 350 F or 175 C. Bake for 20 to 30 minutes until not gooey in the middle. They will be soft and yummy if this turned out well.

If they didn’t it is because’
A. You were using British English measurements instead of American English Measurements or European metric instead of Canadian. How is this even possible!! What the French Toast?

B. You drank too much wine and fouled it up.

C. Other ________________________________

Good luck with the Brownies. Enjoy the wine!


13 thoughts on “Foreigner Follies~ Adventures in Baking internationally, Serbian edition * Bonus brownie recipe that works in Serbia

  1. Nice work! I’ll have to try it out… My brownies always turn out a little wonky here because I refuse to buy the really, really expensive cocoa that will make them amazing.

    • I don’t even think I have that option. Maybe it is better. I just add more cocoa! You could always add crushed chocolate bar. I add walnuts to mine too. forgot to add that to the post.
      Thank you Edit!

  2. I might try this when I’ve recovered from the last experience! I’d have to go and buy another tray. Sigh. There would of course be more wine involved. The only whining is my own 😉

  3. Brilliant. We’ve had a bunch of mis-haps in the kitchen since moving. Including the terrible attempt at baking my sons 1st Birthday Cake. Thank the heavens I did a test run – VOMIT!
    I’ll pin this for use down the track, as it sounds yummy.

    • I have found that using recipes I have never tasted before are best. I have no expectations…concerning the Bday cake, I had the same kind of scramble last year for my little ones first Bday. If you want a chocolate cake recipe, I have a good one. IT may take a few tries to make it the way you like it.

      • Here is the recipe my friend sent me.. You will probably have to adjust it to you taste. But It was good!
        Chocolate Sheet Cake
        ½ pound butter
        2 tbsp cocoa
        1 cup water
        2 cups flour
        2 cups sugar
        2 eggs
        ½ cup buttermilk
        1 tsp vanilla
        1 tsp baking soda
        Melt together butter, cocoa, and water. Add remaining ingredients. Pour mixture into 9×13 greased baking pan. Bake 400 degrees F for 35 minutes. Cool and frost.

        1/4 pound butter, melted
        4 tbsp cocoa
        6 tbsp buttermilk
        1 1-pound box of powdered sugar
        Mix all ingredients together and blend until smooth

  4. no pics of your brownies??? 😦 😦 – being Italian, I often cook with wine, in risotto, in meat stew, in chicken, in rabbit etc etc. And of course you can drink a glass while cooking…

    • I’ll send you a pic next time! along with some cracked walnuts I throw in from my basket of freshly harvest nuts setting on my kitchen counter. I love I have my own fresh walnuts and chestnuts and even hazelnuts on the counter! Viva la Serbia!

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