Watch Out – Miss World Is Plotting To Kill Us All

Words CANNOT express how saddened I am to read about the racist backlash that has swept the U.S. following the beauty pageant I grew up watching. For the record, I think it is about time we have someone who isn’t “White” or “Black”. There is so much more to the rainbow that makes up the U.S. But is not the “Melting Pot” we make it out to be. Way to go Suzie81 for writing such a great blog! And congratulations to the beautiful Nina Davuluri!

Suzie Speaks

I’m quite new to Twitter and I like to follow the ‘Trends’ button as it often has funny, quirky themes like #WomansNameFilms and #10FactsAboutMe that encourage people to be creative and meet each other.

This morning I saw that one of the trends was ‘Miss America.’ Being British and not having much experience of pageants I clicked on it out of interest and was genuinely horrified to see the racist response to the fact that the new Miss America is Indian – American. Even more shockingly, tweets were flying around that labelled her as a ‘terrorist’ and blaming the events of 9/11 on her family and ancestral country of origin.

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