Photography Friday~ Flashback

I have been having some technical difficulties uploading pics this week. I am pretty bummed about it. So here are some OLD pics.

This post is in response to blogs posted by my friends over at A Girl and Her Travels and Expat Eye who posted some great childhood pics. They are nice girls, so there was nothing potty related.


7-23-2012 8;55;27 AM

I fell asleep on the potty a lot as a child. Not embarrassing at all! I love that my mom took this. I will do the same to my munchkin if possible. But the kiddie potties here are backless, so I doubt that will happen.  😦

10-11-2012 9;14;04 AMI guess I really liked to take my time there, and even play with dolls. Probably a little TMI

But I digress, Check out the print on those pants… What the heck is that ? It goes well with that fun orange shirt. Fashion forward, Right?

Sadly, I can only say my father was color blind. And he wasn’t the one dressing me! Mom, what were you thinking? LOL Just kidding, I love you!  and these pics are great.  I actually think this look might in fashion today!

I am so glad you took such candid shots. Looking back at them is a blast! especially now that I have my little Munchkin. I get to do the same to her. Poor thing! 🙂

One more for the road. And, I think this is my favorite. I have to tell you, I really loved playing that piano.

10-11-2012 9;15;16 AM


The End! 😉


9 thoughts on “Photography Friday~ Flashback

    • I was quite a princess back in the day! and an exhibitionist. 🙂 I love the expression “builder’s bum”! The U.S. equivalent is “plumbers crack”. Next time I have the chance, I think I will mix the two… plumbers bum has a nice rhyming ring. 🙂

  1. Hey, it was the glorious seventies — we were STYLIN’ back then, lol! I mean, I had mint-and-forest-green plaid bell bottoms. No kidding. Must be old photos week — Dad sent some (mildly) embarrassing shots of *me* in the 70s, too. Will have to share them on (limited audience list) facebook. 😉

    Love the pix — Needed the smile today!

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