The Serbian Vasher vs. The North American Fair

A week or so ago, we had the big Sveti Ilija (St. Elijah) vasher. It is the biggest, vasher lasting a whopping Three Days! It was too hot to really enjoy it, and I am kind of over the vashers. They are the same every time.  But in the beginning, (like the first two times I came to Serbia for 5 months each time) I was enamored. It was new and exciting and a great place to buy gifts for friends back home.

In time the munchkin will be thrilled with the food, the sketchy looking rides, and the balloons. Later it will be the boys! 😉

For a look at a Serbian Vasher here is a link to my old Blogspot site and my first or second vasher visit!

Here is a link to one of my new fav blogs to read… A Girl And Her Travels, where the typical American fair is described by Polly. I have to say, I am little jealous! But, I have just found a recipe for funnel cake and I will be attempting to make it soon! I will have to let you all know how that turns out.

There are lots of differences and quite a few similarities.

Both have farm animals. But in Serbia there are there for sale not for competition.

Both have lots of food, and fried yummy goodies.

And there are things to by, mostly crap at the U.S. fairs, but the vasher is like a mini mall for Serbs selling everything! Even a kitchen sink if you are looking for one!

Which would you prefer?


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