Soko Slike

Hello Friends! This post is not about the mixed drink, Soco (Southern Comfort) and lime it is about an adventurous day with the Hubby.

Saturday, we had a little break from the norm in the form of a Road trip!! We went to Sokobanja and Sokograd. Sokobanja is a little tourist trap town with lots of shops to spend your hard earned cash.There is quite a large play area for kids with rides and even trampolines! We were without child for the first trip ever since her conception. 🙂 It was refreshing! Thus no Munchkin Monday.

Sokograd, an old 6th century fort that spans a mountain ridge. Construction of the fort last from the fourth to the Seventh centuries. It was occupied and finally destroyed by the Turks in the 14th century. This was the highlight of our trip for me. I love hiking, and I am so happy the hubby didn’t know how difficult it would be or he wouldn’t have done it! The heat make the somewhat treacherous trek more challenging.But, I would have loved to hike all day!

Most of the hike was through the woods along a river.  This was much like the place my family went camping as a kid. I felt at home. 

The most impressive thing about the Sokos is the cleanliness. There was hardly any trash scattered about. It is obvious the towns work hard to keep it clean. It was refreshing to see a place so clean!

The steps here were not very steep, but hey were frightenly narrow. I climbed them with extreme caution. The view was brilliant from the top of the tower.

We didn’t spend much time  here. I would love to go again in the fall when the leaves are changing. I would take a picnic lunch and spend the day exploring.

We went to dinner at a little restaurant with Great reviews. Marco Polo was the name of this rustic little joint. The only bad reviews were by people who weren’t allowed to sit for just coffee. You must order food. We had succulent lamb, fries, salad, with fresh yummy bread and we split a very big beer.

This was the view from my seat.  It kinda made me want to go craw fishing.

The other side of the eatery is situated under and beside a cave.

After dinner we went to the Sokobanja for people watching. Never a dull sport! Coffee and “American Doughnuts” we the side dish.

My intent was to show how Small the doughnuts were in comparison to my hand, but I think I have only succeeded in flashing my manicure needing nails. In spite of their Miniature status, the taste was massively delicious.

I liked this place, but the hubby really likes it here. It is a childhood haunt for him and brings him good vibes.  After so many years working in the U.S. I can only imagine how it made him feel.

I would like to leave you with some eye candy and maybe a laugh.  This special treat was found along the pathway in Sokobanja.

I would love to read your captions for this in the comments!

Looks to me like this bad boy is getting help up for his chain link necklace or his bright white boots? Please just leave him the speedo!

Dobar dan!


6 thoughts on “Soko Slike

    • I know, right? so hmm interesting. There were a few oh these totem like carved statues. but most were more normal. as in an eagle. This is off the scale for normal. but then I am not in Kansas anymore. lol

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